Hardest Partying Below Deck Crews

(Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The crews on Below Deck work hard. Their day lasts anywhere from 10-18 hours. Therefore, it makes sense that on their nights off, they choose to get down. From heavy drinking at bars to drunken cab rides home that end in the hot tub, we’ve seen it all.

Certain yachties have been wilder than others. Typically speaking, each crew holds a mix of messy characters, laced with a few who love a good time, but only if it ends by 8pm. It’s me, I’m that. As for the seasons that I know for sure I’d be unable to hang with, these were the Below Deck crews where the majority were lit, partying like their alarm clocks the next day didn’t exist.

Below Deck Season 4


Below Deck Season 4 had such a wide variety of cast members. Due to this, their nights off often turned wild quickly. Take, for example, the time that Chef Ben Robinson‘s brother James joined the crew out for drinks. Here, we saw a different, blinding side of Ben, as he got so drunk that he removed his pants and underwear before drunkenly stumbling down the dock, with his bum out for all to see.

Following this, the crew returned back to their docked yacht. Here, a heavily intoxicated and still naked Ben was joined in the master guest cabin’s bathroom by Nico Scholly and Lauren Burchell. They giggled, they drank, they partied, and then, they broke the door. These antics pretty much transpired on repeat, making the Season 4 cast one of the hardest partying Below Deck crews.

Below Deck Season 7

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

For a good way to sum up Below Deck Season 7, look no farther than Captain Lee Rosbach. Following a long, deep sigh, a bleeped-out word, and a throaty, “dammit,” it quickly became clear that even the captain was exhausted by this team. It didn’t help that the men onboard had a Beavis and Butt-Head level of need to score. Nor were things calmed down by the women, as they found themselves constantly on the defense, drinking away their frustrations.

Every single time that this crew went out, shiz hit the fan. For example, while unwinding at a resort, Ashton Pienaar did a cannonball into the pool. The resulting splash ruined a nearby D.J.’s equipment. A bill was then sent to the boat in the amount of $1,000 for repairs, but this might have been the wake-up call that he needed, as Ashton is now sober.

In addition, a separate night off saw a van’s window being punched by Smashton, Ashton’s drunken alter-ego. Likewise, Kevin Dobson drunkenly kicked sand into Kate Chastain‘s eyes. In retaliation, the women partied hard in passive-aggressive ways. Kate encouraged Kevin’s creation of an erect penis cake, which mortified their guests, and threw the crew’s laundry around in a drunken fit before walking off, quitting for a bit.

As the boys jumped off the yacht post charter, the girls drank champagne, getting lost in the sauce. This crew drank so much that the cameras once cut to Captain Lee in the crew’s mess. Here, the Captain could be seen, sorting through empty liquor bottles while shaking his head, which occurred simultaneously as a naked Kevin was wandering the boat. We saw his blurred out wang, and we were all the more thankful when this hard partying, toxic season ended.

Below Deck Season 9


The greatest aspect of the Below Deck Season 9 crew was that they all liked to have a good time. Unluckily, racist undertones permeated, making several scenes hard to watch. In our opinion, the light-hearted drunken scenes were all the more needed, as levity was lacking.

In what is probably one of my all-time favorite scenes, a drunken and always activated Chef Rachel Hargrove walked onto a stage at a resort. Taking a microphone, she joined the band in song. A Rachel original, “Titties,” was sung, and now, I need an album. “Titties!”

Also on this crew was Jake Foulger. Jake and clothing didn’t mesh, as this deckhand was nude all the time. There wasn’t a fountain in town that Jake wouldn’t strip down for a cool-off in. Post the last charter, he also swam nude in the ocean just after jumping off of the boat with other crew members.

Now a recurring face, Fraser Olender was introduced this season. Unable to say no to a dare, and also because he was completely wasted, Fraser kissed Jake. He didn’t remember this the next day, but luckily, this event turned out to be a nonissue. The men moved forward comfortably, like the hard-partying pros that they were.

Eddie Lucas drank a lot less, but even he brought on the partying, with a side of heart. When things got tense, Eddie offered to jump into a fountain like Jake, but clothed. Eddie also tried to address the topic of racism. Overall, this hard partying crew knew how to have a good time, even when situations grew dark.