Times When Below Deck Crew Members Partied Too Hard

(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

As seen on Bravo’s Below Deck series, working on a yacht is stressful. With shifts lasting upwards of 17 hours, the crews are tired. Add to this the emotional toll that filming likely takes. Top this all off with affluent guests who need drink refills and entertainment around the clock, and you can see why the crews tend to go all out on their nights off.

Sometimes, the crew’s partying is mild, albeit hysterical. Here’s looking at you, Connie Arias. Connie was a deckhand on Below Deck Season 3. From smearing peanut butter on her chest to her love of a whipped cream bikini, Connie was the definition of a good time.

Other times, the hard partying Below Deck crew members go too far. As Captain Lee Rosbach‘s rule states, “Don’t embarrass the boat.” Well, many crew members have done just that, and while some of these antics were fun to watch, others took on darker tones. These are the times when Below Deck crew members partied too hard.

João Franco


João Franco was just brought back as a Bosun on Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Prior to this, he appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean on Seasons 3 and 4. During his time spent on the latter, João’s drunken alter ego Jezabob often roared its ugly head.

In Season 3, João called Hannah Ferrier a “thunderc**t” when he was drunk. The pair were already at odds, as the last time they had dined together, João shattered a wine glass in one hand. This occurred while Hannah was negatively discussing him with one of his love interests, Brooke Laughton.

In Season 4, a buzzed João insulted Aesha Scott, as Jezabob seemed to lash out the most on women. Looking at Aesha’s outfit on a night off, he expressed that it was something a prostitute might wear. From belittling the women to riling up his coworkers, João partied way too hard. Thankfully, João recognized his alcohol-fueled patterns and is now sober.

Rachel Hargrove


Rachel Hargrove embarrassed the boat during Below Deck Season 8, but if we’re being honest, it was one of the funniest scenes of the season. To explain, the crew was given an entire day off for lounging and drinking at a nearby beach club. Clearly intoxicated, Rachel can be seen walking onto a stage with the band.

As her coworkers watched on, horrified, Rachel began talking into the mic, saying to the musicians “If we’re going to make music, I want some dirty a** s**t.” She then sang into the mic, “titties,” and if I’m being honest, I now do the same.

Rachel definitely partied too hard this season, but yet, she managed to maintain her position onboard. Likely because she’s an excellent chef. Also…”titties,” ok I’m done.

Ashton Pienaar

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Ashton Pienaar was another crew member with a drunken alter ego. His was named “Smashton.” While appearing on Below Deck Season 7, Smashton performed a drunken jump into a beach club’s pool, despite the DJ and multiple guests yelling at him to stop. When he jumped, water soaked the DJ’s equipment, and a bill for $1,000 was sent to the boat.

Later on this same season, Ashton’s drunken side saw him punching a window in anger following a verbal exchange with Kate Chastain. As the leader of an incredibly toxic male crew, Ashton partied way too hard, and we do not miss his presence on our screens.

Kat Held

The Pooch Coach/Instagram

Kat Held starred in Below Deck Season 1 alongside Chef Ben Robinson, who would go on to star in multiple seasons within the franchise. Kat loved to party, and her line of “KAT WANTS TO GO TO THE BAH” might just be another one of my favorite lines to quote.

Often, Kat’s drinking became excessive, with the crew once having to push her naked form into a bunk following a night out. “When you drink you become a trailer park, demonic white trash refugee, and I needed to get that off my chest,” Ben stated the next day. Later, he hysterically recanted by saying, “I’m sorry I called you a demonic trailer park refugee.”

Kat definitely partied too hard, but she sure made for excellent television.

Trevor Walker


Trevor Walker was no one’s favorite “Paul Mitchell hair model.” His hard partying (and problematic) ways even saw Travis fired during Below Deck Season 4. Following one particular night out, he became so drunk, the crew could be seen trying to walk away. Ben, however, sat next to him on a swing and yeeted Trevor’s drink out of reach.

We laughed. Trevor was fired. He’s likely still off somewhere, partying way too hard with his blank expression.

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson/Instagram

Ben Robinson is not just a great chef, he’s also an excellent time. In Below Deck Season 4, the world was treated to two Bens, as his brother James was in town and chose to mingle with the crew on their night off.

At the nights end, Ben took off his pants (and underwear) and walked down the dock, proving that he partied way too hard. That said, we loved it way too much.

Jake Foulger

Jake Foulger/Instagram

Jake Foulger appeared on Below Deck Season 9, where he immediately became tight with Fraser Olender. Following a drunken night out, Jake stripped naked and jumped into the pool of a hotel restaurant. He went on to strip down often, earning himself a spot on this “partied too hard” list.

Travis Michalzik


Travis Michalzik appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Though he always managed to wake up and work hard following his many drunken nights out, Captain Sandy Yawn could still smell alcohol on him the next day.

The crew also expressed concerns over his excessive drinking. Though Travis partied hard, his talk with Captain Sandy made him realize that he had gone too far and he began to cut back.