What We Hope Gets Addressed At the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All

Sister Wives

Another long season of Sister Wives has wrapped up, and TLC fans are still left with some unanswered questions. This season showed Kody Brown’s marriage with Janelle Brown unraveling, Kody finally walking away from Meri Brown, and Christine Brown laughing all the way to the bank as she constantly mocked the father of 18 for his lack of leadership. The polygamous family’s reputation is in tatters, leaving Kody running around like a chicken with his head cut off. So here is everything fans want to know when tuning in for the explosive reunion. 

What’s the Deal With Meri?

Meri Brown/Instagram

Meri has a bee in her bonnet, as she is quite peeved with her former sister wife, Christine. It turns out Kody’s first wife was “extremely frustrated” about Christine sharing a personal story about her. The clip hinted at major family drama, with fans wanting to know more. Meri has never been a warm, fuzzy woman who enjoys openly discussing her struggles. Quite the opposite, actually, as Meri has been viewed as quite cold and protective of her inner sanctum. 

Fans will recall that during an October episode, Kody was sporting a new ring while Meri was trying her best to hang on to her sham of a marriage. The new accessory was believed to be a gift from Robyn, his favorite wife. So, what exactly is the story behind the drama? From what we can figure out when Meri and Kody said “I do” in 1990, they each had a ring made. According to Christine, via Us Weekly, Kody melted down the gold and saved the diamonds once Robyn sauntered onto the scene.

Okay, that is cold, even for Kody. We definitely need a resolution from the Tell-All for this one!

Is Kody Done With Polygamy?

Kody Brown
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The polygamous patriarch has done a lot of talking about his choice of lifestyle. However, he’s rarely said anything of value. For years, Kody claimed to have become disenchanted with plural marriage, yet refused to put an end to his failing unions. With a four-part tell-all, it is a must that Kody addresses whether or not he is living a monogamous lifestyle or not. Every indication points to the fact that he is living exclusively with Robyn. However, viewers would like a concrete answer from the star’s mouth. 

Why Does the Tell All Only Have One-on-One Interviews?

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One of the biggest pet peeves and complaints from Sister Wives viewers is the fact that Kody now refuses to sit with his ex-wives for a group tell-all. Instead, each gets their own time in the limelight where they can say whatever they want, not be challenged. Boring!

There are theories that Kody had way too much power when it came to the production crew, as he once was neighbors with the producer. Fans want to see a hard-hitting session with questions that make the cast sweat.

However, it looks like we will be getting the same host as the last two seasons, Sukanya Krishnan. I can’t help but feel it will be a coddle Kody fest as he gets ample opportunity to bash his ex-wives. What I personally would love to see is the entire cast coming together to answer some tough questions. I mean, if they want to get paid, they should really be forced into a group setting. But I doubt we will be seeing that anytime soon. 

Will Kody Address His Mistakes?

Kody Brown Sister Wives
Photo Credit: TLC via YouTube

If nothing else, I would like to see Kody answer for his mistakes. This season has shown how callous the Wyoming native can be as he not only screamed at and gaslit Janelle but also ignored his older children and walked around like his poo didn’t stink.

Fans need to see Kody be held accountable for all the hurt he has caused his family—a family he once held so close that he fought to protect it by protesting at the Utah capital. Sadly, I doubt anyone is willing to hold Kody’s feet to the coals. He’s skated by on bad behavior for years, and that doesn’t seem to be changing.