Most Shocking Moments of The Other Way Season 5 Tell All Part 1

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90 Day Fiancé fans have been eagerly awaiting the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All after a dramatic season. The Other Way Season 5 gave us many things, including the memorable screaming fights that Kimberly Rochelle had with her partner Tejaswi Goswami.

Fans also had many opinions on the controversial couple Sarper Guven and Shekinah Garner. This couple always seemed to be arguing about something, whether it was the fact that Sarper has slept with thousands of woman or his sudden insistence that single mother Shekinah give him another child when she told him she didn’t want any more children.

The Other Way Season 5 Tell All Part 1 finally aired, and boy was it a lot! One thing that set this apart from other Tell Alls is that former cast members joined—both in person and virtually—to weigh in on the current relationships, which spiced things up a little, as you will see. Let’s go over the most shocking moments.

Kimberly vs. Jenny Slatten – The Showdown

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Kimberly moved to India to be with her fiancé Tejaswi, a.k.a. TJ, and then shocked viewers when she had meltdown about the house that he built for her. Throughout the season, Kimberly became famous for screaming when she was upset with a situation, and she was upset a lot, as she also didn’t feel comfortable living in the house with TJ’s family.

During The Other Way Season 5 Tell All Part 1, Kimberly revealed that TJ took out a seven-year loan to refurbish the aforementioned house, which she was not aware of before. TJ confessed the total amount was $12,000, and Kimberly expressed that she wished she had told her that before.

However, the most shocking moment between these two was when former The Other Way stars, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, called in. Jenny, who moved to India for her partner SUmit, said she felt Kimberly was not appreciative of everything she had in India.

The Other Way OG told Kimberly to “respect India or don’t be here,” and Kimberly said she didn’t “want to, darling.” Jenny then said she thinks Kimberly is a spoiled brat, to which Kimberly replied “you’re a c*nt.”

Our jaws were on the floor, and we weren’t the only ones! The former cast members who were in attendance were all shocked. As a response, Jenny challenged Kimberly to “come to Jaipur, I’d love to meet ya,” to which Kimberly said, “I’ll give you my address.” Dang, talk about heated!

Julio Alleged that Kirsten Cheated on Him

90 Day  Fiancé Julio
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Kirsten Schoemaker and Julio Moya appeared on the show earlier in the season, but then split up and stopped getting screen time. While they were featured on the show, fans hated the attitude they saw Julio had towards Kirsten, thinking he was dishonest and frequently gaslighted his partner.

On the Tell All, Julio revealed that he had been having trust issues with Kirsten. He accused the Netherlands woman of going dress shopping with another man, who Kirsten maintained was just a friend. However, when he saw their conversations, Julio said he saw that Kirsten and the other man were “calling each other like, you know, Mami and Papi.” Messy!

This comment caused Kirsten to cry, repeating that the man was just a friend. Julio pulled out an audio recording that he said would prove Kirsten’s infidelity. Fans will have to wait until part 2 to see what happens!

The Cast Slammed Shekinah & Sarper for Being “Toxic”

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On The Other Way Season 5 Tell All Part 1, Shekinah revealed she was was still living in Turkey with her partner Sarper, and said things were going well. However, cast members had their concerns about Sarper’s control issues. The Turkish man shocked viewers earlier in the season when he wanted to dictate what Shekinah wore and even weighed her to make sure she didn’t go above what he thought was a suitable weight.

Fan favorite cast member Kenneth Neidermeier said he thought Sarper’s behavior was manipulative, but Sarper claimed that Shekinah “likes to be controlled.” Ummm, red flags everywhere. Daniele Gates commented that she felt both Sarper and Shekinah were “toxic” so that the two maybe “decided to love each other because they both accept each other’s toxic traits.” Speaking of Daniele…

Danielle and Yohan Revealed They Really Are Done 

Daniele Gates on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way
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Yohan Geronimo and his American partner Daniele have appeared on several previous seasons of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. However, it wasn’t until this season that Yohan revealed he expected Danielle to pay his way while she was living with him in the Dominican Republic and give him a child, although she is in her late 40s. Yohan even made comments that there was no point to having an American wife otherwise. Yikes!

Given this, fans were sad but not surprised when they learned Yohan was allegedly cheating on Daniele. The two had a fiery breakup during the season. On the Tell All, they revealed that they are definitely still broken up.  What’s more, Danielle said she has receipts to further prove that Yohan was not faithful to her, so it looks like fans can look forward to seeing those during part 2 of the Tell All.