Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 6 Recap: Whine Country

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 6 recap
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The group was still at odds with Quad during Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 6! Quad had thought she squashed the beef with the whole group except for Toya. But come to find out, all the OG’s still had issues with her. The resurrection event didn’t help her case as Quad wanted to wipe the slate clean instead of offering up apologies. Toya and the group decided to give her one more chance on their girls trip to Napa Valley. It was time for a little elegance, and to leave the wine boxes at home! Here’s what happened on Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 6: “Whine Country.”

The core four

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Quad’s resurrection event had left a bad taste with the group, and as Dr. Simone stated, it wasn’t from the formaldehyde. So Toya brought Simone, Dr. Heavenly, and Dr. Jackie together to discuss their friendship with Quad, and the possibility of bringing her on their girls trip to Napa Valley. Toya mused that Napa was classy and serene. In other words, she didn’t want Quad randomly popping out of caskets and making a scene.

The main issue the ladies had with Quad was she never apologized or accepted any responsibility for her actions. Toya noted it had been 10 years and she was tired of trying. Heavenly’s issue was Quad disappeared and didn’t contact the group as soon as she had other things going on. Ultimately, Toya said that good friends keep everyone together. They were the core four, but were willing to give Quad one last shot.

House hunters

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Heavenly had done everything in her power to sway her daughter Alaura to stay in state for college. But the threats of wind in Florida somehow did not detour her. Alaura showed Heavenly her acceptance email to FAMU but Heavenly was still in denial. Eventually she broke down and admitted she was happy with her daughter’s decision. Heavenly did perk up however as soon as Alaura shared she was a biology major and was following in mom’s footsteps. A future doctor on MTM, perhaps?

Meanwhile Simone and her husband Cecil were playing House Hunters with their sons Miles and Michael. All that was missing from their condo tour was the obligatory sitting in the bath tub scene. Simone had a contract the kids had to sign, which included things like no dirty bathrooms or rent free guests after two days. Cecil seemed the most happy of all and was already envisioning remodeling his son’s rooms into several man caves.

Living luxuriously 

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Dr. Eugene gave moral support to Toya as she packed for her girls trip. He wasn’t the biggest fan of having Quad on the trip and told Toya to sleep with one eye open. Eugene said she was like a powder keg, one wrong move and kaboom! Toya assured him all eyes were on Quad. However, she also wanted to focus on her meeting with the KJ team and providing the ladies with a weekend of wine and knowledge. It was time to elevate her box wine b*tches crew!

Dr. Alicia kicked off the trip wearing a t-shirt that read, “I don’t use the B word.” Heavenly countered everybody else does! And that word was almost said on the sprinter van ride to the resort. Sweet Tea and Heavenly got into it again regarding Heavenly calling out Sweet Tea’s marriage not working. Toya played peacemaker and was able to get them to resolve it for now.

The ladies arrived at their resort with gorgeous vineyard views. Toya was proud to do up her trip luxuriously. Then it was time for the who gets what room Bravo montage. But instead of the ladies running around, Toya had already decided. Everyone had an assignment except for Quad … oops. Toya didn’t know if Quad was coming so she conveniently forgot to book her a room. And no one wanted to share their room. All eyes were on newbie Alicia. With a sigh she acquiesced and said Quad could stay with her. 

Simone was ready to let it all out

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The luxurious vacation continued with some outdoor massages. Sweet Tea was happy with her room and huge bath tub. Somewhere, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks was heard cursing in the distance. Sweet Tea mentioned she talked with Dr. G and told him what Heavenly had said on the van ride. No one thought he needed to be made aware, but Sweet Tea said Heavenly was his dentist and he needed to know. Toya was shocked people even went to Heavenly for their dental work. 

The group didn’t have to wait long to see if Quad would arrive or not. She announced her presence in an all neon yellow ensemble with matching pumps. Toya, Simone, and Sweet Tea were in the room and the vibe wasn’t great. Toya started off by telling Quad no one wanted to share a room with her. Quad offered to stay in another location but Toya handed her a room key. To which Quad wondered if her room was in the basement. Simone asked if she thought Toya would do her like that. Quad got up to leave and wasn’t sure why Simone was upset. After Quad left, Simone told Toya she was ready to let it all out at dinner tonight. This was going to go well. 

Heavenly and Quad come to blows

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Jackie and Phaedra were the last to arrive at the resort. Toya thought it was suspicious that Phaedra was late, and believed she had changed her flight so she wouldn’t have to fly with Quad. Jackie agreed in her confessional, and said that Quad did not make Phaedra look good during the resurrection event. Who did look good however was Jackie, as she had an upcoming meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris. The two former sorority sisters were on a mission to bring awareness to black maternity mortality. Jackie was extremely excited to be a part of the solution and working along side a VP.

It was now time for dinner. Everyone had three wine glasses to clink, or throw. Always good to have a spare. Quad arrived and it was crickets. She thanked Toya for the invite and was excited to support her wine venture. Simone saw this as her chance and told Quad she was none too happy regarding Quad’s non apology. Quad claimed she didn’t feel supported or safe with the group. Simone wondered why she wanted to hang out with them then? Quad said she wanted a second chance but admitted she no longer had an emotional attachment.

Heavenly expressed her hurt that Quad had not reached out to her since they met with Phaedra. She only reached out once Phaedra didn’t invite her on the trip. Quad was surprised and had no idea she and Phaedra were in trouble. Heavenly then brought up that Quad said Phaedra had dated Dr. G, when Phaedra denied it. Quad said Dr. G told her they dated and then he dumped her when Phaedra asked for 4K a month. Phaedra just laughed, and Sweet Tea added that Dr. G told her he had dated Phaedra only once. Heavenly drove it home that she felt Quad was a user. Quad clapped back and it didn’t look like the dinner was going to end peacefully any time soon. 

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