All the Ways Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Failed Miserably

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 was a wild ride, although it ended up being a particularly frustrating season. While this season had potential with a fun and diverse cast, BIP ultimately ended up falling short. While three couples left the beach together, they all announced their split within hours after the finale ended. BIP has never had such an unsuccessful season, so it is unclear what that means for the future of the spin-off. Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 failed in a lot of ways, and it’s not a good sign.

Aven Cheated On Kylee After Leaving The Beach

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell had the potential to be an amazing couple, and Bachelor Nation fans agreed. After coming down the stairs on day one, Kylee made it clear that Aven was the man she was hoping to meet on the beach. Aven came down later that day, and took Kylee on one of the season’s first dates. They quickly hit it off, and became one of the strongest couples on the beach.

Toward the end of the season, it was clear that Kylee hoped to get engaged to Aven. However, Aven expressed doubt at the seriousness of an engagement, which left Kylee disappointed. Nonetheless, the two admitted that they were falling in love with each other and didn’t want to give up. They left the beach as a couple, although there still seemed to be some tension between the two.

Shortly after the finale aired, Kylee and Aven shared a photo together showing that they had maintained a relationship post show. Several hours later, however, Kylee abruptly deleted the post. She then posted a cryptic message on her story, where she explained that she had received multiple messages accusing Aven of infidelity. This officially ended Aven and Kylee’s relationship, with the former posting an apology and later deleting his Instagram account.

Aaron and Eliza Broke Up After Getting Engaged

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei were arguably the strongest couple of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, who were a solid match from the start. The pair had an instant attraction to each other, and never really felt tempted to explore other relationships. By the end of the season, Eliza told Aaron that she was even ready for him to meet her family. It really seemed like these two had the best chance of working out post paradise.

About a day after the finale aired, however, Aaron shared a statement announcing their split. He indicated that the decision was mutual, and that he and Eliza still had the utmost respect for one another. While their relationship did not end because of infidelity like Aven and Kylee’s, it seems that there was another obstacle that ultimately came between them. This is too bad, since we really shipped these two together! Insert sad face.

So Did Kat and John Henry

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock/Instagram

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock were a surprising couple to come out of Season 9, and they took a while to form. John Henry and Kat didn’t really get serious until the latter half of the season, so it was a shock when they ended up getting engaged. Despite being unsure, John Henry decided to propose to Kat because he felt that his heart was in it. The two left the beach together, and seemed to have maintained a relationship in the real world for a few months.

However, shortly after the finale, John Henry dropped the bomb that he and Kat had gone their separate ways as well. He revealed that their relationship had grown since paradise, but that they were ultimately separating because of differences in career goals. Kat is a nurse, and John Henry is an underwater diver. It seems like their split came down to their schedules and goals not aligning, which is always sad to see.

While BIP does not have the best of success rates, it is unheard of for none of the couples to last more than a day post show. Usually at least one couple comes out of the season engaged and stays together for at least a few months. However, Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 failed in a big way, with a success rate of flat out zero. If Bachelor In Paradise does return for Season 10 next year, we hope it will be better than the mess that Season 9 was!