Biggest Bachelor Nation Cheating Scandals

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The Bachelor franchise has seen its fair share of scandals, unfortunately including infidelity. Many happy couples from the original show, The Bachelorette, and even Bachelor In Paradise have broken up over cheating or rumors regarding it. While many cheating scandals have rocked Bachelor Nation over the years, the following were some of the most surprising and heartbreaking.

Brandon & Serene

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Brandon Jones and Serene Russell were the it couple on Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, and fans really hoped their relationship would work out. Unfortunately, the former couple announced their break-up less than a year after their time on BIP. Serene recently claimed that she and Brandon broke up because he cheated on her, which came as a shock.

Brandon, on the other hand, denied the allegations. He spoke out on social media to give his side of the story, where he claimed it was a misunderstanding. Brandon admitted that he was seen with another woman, but emphasized that this happened after he had already ended things with Serene. Either way, it was truly tragic to see this once beloved couple not work out.

Rachel & Tino

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Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco got engaged during The Bachelorette Season 19, but their honeymoon phase did not last long. Shortly after getting engaged, Tino kissed another girl, which he later revealed to Rachel. Understandably, Rachel was heartbroken, and began to question her relationship.

During After The Final Rose, Rachel was shown going to Tino’s house, where she ultimately broke up with him. Rachel attempted to have a productive conversation with Tino, but he did not seem interested in talking to her at all. Despite winning over Bachelor Nation fans all season long, Tino ended his time on The Bachelorette as a franchise villain.

Jordan & Jenna

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Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper got engaged during the finale of Bachelor In Paradise Season 5, although it was short-lived. The pair appeared to be completely in love, although Jenna’s actions after leaving the beach told a different story. Shortly after Season 5 aired, several texts between Jenna and another man surfaced online. They appeared to be in a relationship, and the texts showed her dismissing her engagement to Jordan.

Jenna claimed that the messages were fake, although she did not have much support at the time. Jordan ultimately ended things with Jenna, and explained that he needed to remove himself from the relationship.

In a truly shocking plot twist, two years after the scandal broke, it came to light that the texts that Jenna allegedly sent were 100% fake. An extensive forensic investigation proved that the texts weren’t sent from Jenna’s phone, though unfortunately, by the time the report was released, the damage to Jenna’s reputation had already been done.

Victoria & Johnny

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Victoria Fuller is now in a happy relationship with Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo, although she hurt Johnny DePhillipo in the process. Victoria and Johnny met on Bachelor In Paradise, where they surprised viewers by getting engaged. The former couple seemed to be a perfect match, as they both had fun and eccentric personalities.

However, it was later revealed during the season reunion that Victoria and Johnny had broken up. Johnny claimed that Victoria had been texting Greg while they were together, and said that they were only friends at the time. While Victoria never admitted that she actually cheated on Johnny, she got with Greg almost immediately after their relationship ended.

Gabby & Erich

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Gabby Windey got engaged to Erich Schwer during The Bachelorette Season 19 finale, and many fans hoped that they would make it. While their relationship lasted longer than Rachel and Tino’s, it was not by much. The former couple announced their split after several months together, but never gave a specific reason for it. Shortly after, rumors began to surface that Erich may have been unfaithful.

Several text messages surfaced on social media that showed Erich allegedly texting his ex-girlfriend before and after filming. Erich claimed that he did not really go on the show to find love, which is of course, a huge red flag. In the same texts, Erich told his ex that he missed her, while he was very much still engaged to Gabby.

It’s sad to see so many Bachelor Nation couples fail because of infidelity, especially when so many of them were fan favorites. These former couples’ stories go to show that you never know what happens behind closed doors. While some of these Bachelor Nation stars have found love again following their scandals, others are still looking for it.