All the Ways RHOM Season 6 Is Bringing the Heat

(Photo by Reagan Rule/Getty Images)

RHOM has always been muy caliente thanks to the Latin flavor, spicy personalities, and hurricane-like drama that seems to always hit the Sunshine State. After being given almost a ten-year hiatus by Bravo, the women are back with a vengeance, making RHOM Season 6 the one to beat. The ladies are still all friends/frenemies and are not afraid to hold on to a grudge. The cockies are flowing as the Real Housewives of Miami OGs get ready to make waves. 

Julia Is Learning Opera

Julie Lemigova/Instagram

While some fans may feel that Julia Lemigova learning opera is a bit of a boring storyline, personally, I think it is everything. The Russian decided to learn a song from Carmen for her wife, Martina Navratilova, who was a huge fan of opera. I say was because Julia murdered the high notes. Bless, she tried her best, but even her dog, Zorro, couldn’t handle the glass-cracking screams. I pick this as a a scene that is bringing the heat because it is actually a nice, humorous break from some of the other cast’s drama.

Larsa’s Loose Lips

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

RHOM Season 6 would be nothing without Larsa Pippen, who, by all accounts, is not the best secret keeper. While I can take a secret to the grave, our friend Larsa has a hard time keeping her cards close to her chest. After only being the fourth person told about Guerdy Abraira’s breast cancer, Larsa took it upon herself to spill the beans to the rest of the cast. Bravo production didn’t hold back when showing just how open she was with someone else’s information, and we know it is going to come back and haunt her. 

Don’t get me wrong. Larsa’s decision to yell the cancer news from the highest rooftop was pretty shitty, but she has been doing that kind of attention-seeking stuff for years, so no one should be surprised by her motives. Let’s not forget the Kardashians’ decision to distance themselves from her when she gave an unsavory interview.

Larsa’s willingness to jeopardize her connections with a family she idolized makes it very clear she will also throw her fair-weather friends under the bus too. 

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Guerdy Abraira/Instagram

Guerdy is a Phoenix rising from the ashes this season, proving to viewers cancer won’t keep her down. Every season needs a comeback story, which includes an underdog, and RHOM Season 6 has the event planner.

The news of Guerdy’s breast cancer was devastating, but being able to watch her grieve, accept, and plan her diagnosis and treatment has been both triggering and healing for viewers. Sadly, cancer is not unfamiliar to most, so being able to watch Guerdy triumph is a win for us all. 

Audriana’s Ketamine Treatments

Adriana de Moura/Instagram

Watching Adriana de Moura get ketamine treatments to overcome her chronic pain and depression was altering and a huge reason viewers tune in to the Real Housewives franchise. I’m a fan of Adriana. I don’t think she is a pot stirrer, as she is rather misunderstood.

Adriana’s decision to undergo the treatment is due to “losing my father, losing my brother, I got divorced, I became an empty nester, Marysol and Alexia bullying me.” Honestly, my heartstrings were tugged as she began seeing her brother and father, who passed away. The RHOM star quietly lamented, “I love you. I should’ve gone first.” As Julia, Adriana, and I sobbed, I couldn’t help but notice I needed this rawness as part of the show and the season. 

Lisa Is in Her New Single Mom Era

Lisa Hochstein/Instagram

After a rough year due to her slimy ex-husband, Lisa Hochstein is moving on to greener pastures. RHOM Season 6 is showing the mother of two embracing her power and fighting Lenny Hochstein for everything he’s got.

Not only is she moving on, but she is moving into the arms of a longtime friend, Jody Glidden, a fellow Canadian. Season 6 is showing Jody living in Adriana’s former home, playing dad to Lisa’s two children. He is also being a very strong shoulder for Lisa to cry on after her court hearings. Finally, fans are getting to see a happier Lisa, which is making Season 6 the one to watch.