A Guide to the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4 Cast


After a long wait, 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4 will officially return on January 1st! Season 4 will feature a cast of seven singles, some of which have been featured in previous seasons of The Single Life as well. Based on the Season 4 trailer, viewers can expect an intriguing season with lots of twists and turns. Without further ado, here are our singles!

Natalie Mordovtseva

(Natalie Mordovtseva/Instagram)

Natalie Mordovtseva began her new search for love on The Single Life Season 2, following her split from Mike Youngquist. Despite an unsuccessful start, Natalie eventually found something solid with Josh Weinstein. Their relationship continued into The Single Life Season 3, where things began to get complicated. At the Tell All, Natalie seemed to choose Mike over Josh when she sat on his lap and proclaimed she still loved him.

Natalie’s journey for everlasting love will continue on The Single Life Season 4, where she declares she “wants it all.” Natalie is seen arguing with Josh in the trailer, where she proclaims that she is struggling and doesn’t have a place to live. Josh then asks what she wants him to do about that, suggesting that their relationship may be coming to an end.

Veronica Rodriguez

(Veronica Rodriguez/Instagram)

Veronica Rodriguez made her Single Life debut on Season 3 after she became a fan favorite because of her friendship with her ex, Tim Malcolm. Throughout the season, Veronica dated a man named Justin. In the long run, however, their relationship did not work out because of distance.

During the Tell All, Veronica shocked everyone by revealing that she was now seeing Jamal Menzies, the son of another 90 Day Fiancé star. It looks like Veronica will continue exploring her relationship with Jamal during Season 4, who will have a hard time getting along with Tim. Will Veronica and Jamal be endgame, or will Tim come in between them?

Tim Malcolm

(Tim Malcolm/Instagram)

Along with Veronica, Tim will also be featured as a main cast member on The Single Life Season 4. While the trailer only shows Tim with Veronica and Jamal, fans can anticipate seeing some of Tim’s own dating life as well. Tim will also surely be a large part of Veronica and Jamal’s storyline, however, where he is seen getting into a heated argument with the latter.

Chantel Everett

(Chantel Everett/Instagram)

Chantel Everett is well known for her relationship with Pedro Jimeno, which has recently come to an end on The Family Chantel. Now “single and ready to mingle,” Chantel heads to Greece during Season 4 for another chance at finding love.

However, the end of the trailer previews Chantel getting into a bit of a situation while in Greece. While it is not yet clear exactly what happens, Chantel’s new love interest appears to remind her of Pedro, which cannot be good!

Tyray Mollett

Photo Credit: TLC/YouTube

Tyray Mollett became a fan favorite following his relationship with Carmella the Catfish. Now, Tyray is ready to date in the real world, rather than behind a screen. Tyray is a likable cast member who fans are really rooting for, so it would be great to see him find the love he deserves!

But according to the trailer, his dream woman is Hillary Clinton? We’re definitely intrigued to see who Tyray will end up with after that comment!

John McManus

(John McManus/Instagram)

John McManus will certainly be interesting to watch on The Single Life Season 4, as he is one of the wild card cast members. 90 Day Fiancé fans grew to love John after he began appearing on Pillow Talk with his brother Patrick Mendes. Many viewers appreciated his authenticity.

It is now time for John to find his own true love, as opposed to meddling in his brother’s marriage. Will John find his soulmate, or fail in the modern dating world?

Debbie Aguero

(Debbie Aguero/Instagram)

Debbie Aguero failed to make it work with her much younger ex, Oussama, but she is now back to find an older gentleman! The trailer shows Debbie on a mini golf date, with a man much closer in age to her than her ex.

However, Debbie admits in a confessional that she lied to her new beau regarding her age. Instead of telling him that she was 67, Debbie told him that she was 57. Will this be a deal breaker for Debbie’s new man?