90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Biggest Bombshell Moments


90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 has officially wrapped up, and viewers are now awaiting the two-part Tell All. While Before The 90 Days Season 6 had a slow start, it eventually picked up momentum and featured some captivating storylines. Season 6 included dozens of crazy moments, but these bombshell moments truly took the cake!

Violet Revealed to Riley That She Was Pregnant With His Child After He Left Vietnam

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

Riley Diego and his girlfriend Violet Tuyet were one of the most chaotic couples on Season 6. So, it was extra surprising when they dropped a huge bombshell during the finale. After a dramatic two weeks in Vietnam, Riley returned to America not sure where he stood with Violet. Violet had acted cold toward Riley the entire time he was in Vietnam, and did not appear interested in him at all.

After Riley returned home, Violet seemingly ended their relationship with a series of cryptic texts. However, a few weeks later, Violet reached out to Riley and claimed that she was pregnant with his child. Riley was surprised, and admitted that he was not sure if he believed Violet, since she did not provide any concrete evidence of being pregnant. Fans are hopeful that the couple will provide clarification on the matter during the upcoming Tell-All.

Statler Told Dempsey Their Relationship Would Probably Not Work

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Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson were the last couple introduced in Season 6. However, their story was nonetheless filled with dramatic moments. Statler traveled to England to meet Dempsey after seven months of talking online. Unfortunately, the two quickly realized that they were very different.

The couple differed on the topic of kids in particular, with Dempsey really wanting kids, while Statler made it evident that she did not. During a heated discussion, Statler even told Dempsey that she did not think their relationship would work out because of their stances on children. However, the women eventually reconciled and were still a couple when Statler left shortly after.

Jasmine Claimed That She Cheated on Gino

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To no one’s surprise, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda were the most explosive couple on Season 6. While the couple argued in almost every episode, nothing comes close to their extreme argument during a couple’s interview with producers.

Jasmine became enraged with Gino after he said that she was tied with his family, in terms of the most important people in his life. In a truly chaotic moment, Jasmine stormed out of the interview and told Gino that she had a recent video of her being intimate with her ex-boyfriend, Dane.

While Jasmine later admitted that she had lied, it appears that the issue will be raised again at the Tell-All.

Christian Invited Another Woman to His Thanksgiving Dinner With Cleo

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Christian Allgood quickly became a villain on Before The 90 Days Season 6, after viewers felt he failed to treat his girlfriend Cleo with respect. From the moment Christian arrived in England, Cleo was weary of his interactions with other women. After Christian told her a story about him chatting up younger women on his flight, she became even more concerned.

The real kicker, however, was when Christian met a single American woman at a bar while Cleo was in class. Christian took it upon himself to invite the woman to his Thanksgiving dinner with Cleo, which obviously upset her. This was extremely rude of Christian, considering that he did not take Cleo’s feelings into account at all.

Nicole Proposing to Meisha…Without a Ring?

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During a heartfelt moment on the Season 6 finale, Nicola Kanaan finally proposed to his girlfriend of seven years, Meisha Johnson. While many fans were excited to see Meisha and Nicola get engaged, they were unsure about one rather important aspect of the proposal.

Nicola proposed to Meisha without a ring, and explained that he did this as he was nervous she would say no. To make things even more uncomfortable, Nicola took Meisha to buy a ring right after and participated in some tense bargaining with the jewelers. While Meisha was happy to finally get engaged to Nicola, it was evident that she could not help but feel uncomfortable during the awkward moment.