Our Dream Cast for 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4

Kim Menzies
(Photo Credit: TLC/YouTube)

90 Day: The Single Life Season 4 is one of the next anticipated installments in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and viewers are eager to learn who has been cast.

The Single Life is one of the most intriguing spin-offs, as fans watch some of their favorite cast members get a second chance at love. There are many new eligible 90 Day Fiancé singles who could be a great fit for The Single Life, including these five cast members.

Kim Menzies

(Kim Menzies/Instagram)

Kim Menzies put her entire heart into trying to make a relationship work with Usman Umar. However, the two were ultimately not meant to be. During her time on the show, Kim has become very likable. It’s clear that she is just a hopeless romantic as many of us are. Kim would be a perfect candidate for The Single Life, since she has been open about not being closed off to love.

Kim is also a regular on Pillow Talk, along with her son Jamal Menzies, who is also a fan favorite. If Kim were cast on The Single Life, she would bring a fresh sense of humor to the spin-off. Furthermore, Kim should be cast since it is clear that she is not looking for clout, but rather has true intentions of finding love again.

Jamal Menzies

(Jamal Menzies/Instagram)

Jamal, like his mother Kim, is currently single and would be a great fit for The Single Life Season 4. During The Single Life Season 3 tell all, it was revealed that Jamal had been casually involved with franchise star Veronica Rodriguez. However, their romance seems to have since wrapped up, which puts Jamal back on the dating scene.

From the moment he was introduced, Jamal instantly captured the attention of viewers and became a fan favorite. Jamal is patient, kind, and has an admirably close relationship with Kim. Fans would love to see Jamal take on the lead, and be featured on The Single Life with his own dating story, as opposed to just being a part of someone else’s.

Yve Arellano

(Yve Arellano/Instagram)

Yve Arellano had high hopes for her marriage with Mohamed Abdelhamed, but their romance was rather short-lived. Mohamed cheated on Yve with another American woman, shortly after they wrapped filming on 90 Day Fiancé Season 9. Yve has had time to heal from the divorce. She’s now ready to find love again, possibly on The Single Life Season 4!

While many viewers were annoyed with Mohamed, they ultimately wanted to root for Yve, especially since she is a single mother to her son, Tharon. Since the split, Yve has been living her best life on social media. It finally seems like she is ready to move on. Yve has a lot to offer, and it would be refreshing to see her find a partner that is not constantly trying to change her, like Mohamed did.

Debbie Aguero

(Debbie Aguero/Instagram)

Debbie Aguero intrigued viewers on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4, when she pursued a relationship with her much younger lover, Oussama. However, Oussama’s intentions did not align with Debbie’s, which ultimately led to the two breaking up. Debbie is now back in the United States and single. So, it would be fun to watch her find a more compatible match on The Single Life Season 4.

Debbie would be extremely fun to watch on The Single Life, as her unique personality pulls viewers in. It would be interesting to watch Debbie date men closer to her own age, to see if she would be more compatible with them, as opposed to 24-year-old Oussama.

Chuck Potthast

(Chuck Potthast/Instagram)

While Chuck Potthast isn’t a main cast member, he would be a great addition to The Single Life Season 4. Chuck is the father of Elizabeth Potthast, who is a franchise regular along with her iconic husband Andrei Castravet. Chuck plays a regular part in the couple’s story lines. He’s also one of the only tolerable family members of Elizabeth.

Previously, Debbie Johnson, the mother of Colt Johnson was cast on The Single Life Seasons 2 and 3. Now that Debbie has found her perfect match, it would be fun to watch another 90 Day parent like Chuck take a stab at love. Chuck had previously been ghosted by a woman he was talking to, so it would be wholesome to watch him get another chance at finding his person.