Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7 Recap: The Grapes of Wrath

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 9 recap
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The trip to wine country was still in disarray on Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7! The core four had given Quad one last chance to make amends by inviting her on their girls trip to Napa Valley. However, Quad hadn’t taken accountability and instead shared that she felt treated unfairly by the group. This led the group to make a drastic decision on their friendship with Quad. Here’s everything you need to know about Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7: “The Grapes Of Wrath.”

Quad went tit for tat with the group

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7
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The ladies had three wine glasses each, but no one enjoyed any of their drinks over dinner. Dr. Heavenly felt Quad was a user, and Quad felt Heavenly was disingenuous. Dr. Jackie wanted Quad to be accountable, and Dr. Simone wanted her to hangout not just at events. Quad countered each statement with how the group made her feel instead of owning up to anything. Sweet Tea noted that Quad might as well had been a pig on the table with an apple in her mouth because she got grilled.

The OGs plus Phaedra decided to hold a quorum after dinner to continue their discussion about Quad. They had come to a cross roads as Quad had not given them the answers they were looking for. Jackie felt like they were the cousins that Quad didn’t want anyone to see. She added when the negative traits started to outweigh the positives, you might have a problem. Toya then called up Quad and asked her to come down to their room to talk. Time to grab the popcorn!

When one door closes another one opens

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7 recap
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When Quad came into Toya’s room it was one step away from a Mean Girls moment with everyone raising their hand if they’ve been personally victimized by Quad Webb. Simone told Quad she couldn’t sit with them at the lunch table anymore and asked her to leave the trip. Quad was stunned as she had thought the resurrection event had squashed all issues. The ladies mouths were agape as we cut to a flashback of Quad fighting with everyone. Simone bluntly added that her attempt to reconnect at the resurrection was an epic failure. 

Quad then asked the group to acknowledge how much hurt was caused to her. They admitted to that, but then Quad would still not admit her part. Phaedra bid Quad adieu and assured her they had no issues.

The next morning Quad still couldn’t believe what had happened. She was most shocked by Heavenly as she considered her the closest friend in the group. Still, she was ready to talk with everyone once they all got back to Atlanta. And with that Quad dramatically closed the door.

Jackie has arrived!

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7
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Jackie was in her best blazer and pearls for her conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris. They FaceTimed about America’s maternal health crisis and what we can do to make it better. Currently, they are fighting for states to expand Medicaid coverage and to let mom’s know they can have postpartum care. Their goal is to remind moms they are loved and not alone. Jackie was thrilled to be a part of the solution and felt she finally had arrived after her conversation with the VP. Congrats, Jackie!

Meanwhile Sweet Tea checked in with Dr. G to let him know about the shenanigans from the previous night. Dr. G astutely prescribed her to put in ear plugs and stay out of it. The ladies then all met in Toya’s room to get the plan for the day. They were off to brunch, and Toya would be meeting with the Kendall Jackson execs to discuss her wine club. Sounds like an easy going day where nothing can go wrong, right?

Toya’s wine tasting tips

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7 recap
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It was a sunny day in Napa Valley as the crew were led to their brunch table within the Kendall Jackson estate vineyards. They all felt like they could finally enjoy their meal now that Quad was gone. Simone shared it was like a cloud had been taken away from the group. As they were brought different wine pairings with their food, Simone stuck with what she liked. Toya tried to get her not to resort to Boones Farm, but that was a no go. 

In the spirit of making amends, Heavenly led a toast to Sweet Tea. She apologized and wanted to move forward with their friendship. Sweet Tea was touched, and was happy to be on a better path. Toya then left the table with Phaedra to go meet with the KJ execs. She had all sorts of marketing ideas to pitch, along with her desire to have wine glasses, decanters, and other accessories under her brand.

As she and Phaedra pitched Toya’s wine tasting tips, Sweet Tea snuck in flasks and passed them around to the group. The wine was fine but liquor was quicker. 

Alicia has trouble in paradise

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 7
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Back in Atlanta, the husbands met up for some old fashions and indoor games. Dr. Kema shared this was the first time he’d taken care of the kids alone. Everyone’s jaws dropped when he said they were five and one years old. Then they discussed Quad. Dr. G did not want Sweet Tea involved with her. So for him, the friendship’s dissolve was a “hell yeah!”

The ladies then went out to dinner and hoped for a drama free night. Toya was tickled pink about her wine collection and shared she had put in on her vision board two years ago. Simone was focused on her work and her husband. Dr. Alicia chimed in and said she was used to an independent lifestyle growing up, but her husband more traditional. Kema was used to the help doing all the work. She said he wasn’t a real man when she had to take out the hammer and screw driver. The group let out a collective, “Wooo.” Toya then wondered where Phaedra’s man was and she admitted she had already moved onto a new Doctor. Oop!

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