Winter House Season 3 Reunion Recap: Winter Should Have Been Fun

Winter House Season 3 reunion recap
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Winter House Season 3 took a hodgepodge of Bravolebrities (plus a random lady named Casey) and plopped them together in Colorado. The lineup was random, but they still managed to deliver a spicy season full of hookups, blackouts, and all-around drunken debauchery. Was it fun? Sometimes. Was it messy? Always.

With so much drama lingering from their final days in Steamboat Springs, the cast gathered in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse with Andy Cohen for Winter House’s first-ever reunion. Here’s what went down during Winter House Season 3, Episode 10: “The Reunion.”

Reliving Winter House

Somehow, Andy managed to squeeze the entire Winter House cast into the WWHL clubhouse, except for Malia, who dialed in via Zoom from a boat in Martinique. Reunions in the clubhouse are always funny because everyone has to sit so uncomfortably close together, and this time, Andy was strangely propped up in his seat with a bunch of throw pillows. Visually, this reunion was difficult, but the content was juicy.

Before they dove into all of the drama, Andy asked the group about their experience filming Winter House, and it was particularly interesting to hear from the non-Summer House folks. All of the yachties agreed that it was like a “dream” to not have to work and deal with demanding charter guests.

Kyle said that he thought this was one of the best groups of housemates he’s ever had. That’s saying a lot — this man has done 10 seasons of Winter House and Summer House combined. He knows his way around a Bravo-sponsored sharehouse, and it turns out, we never needed the Southern Charm guys to make winter fun.

Brian’s game leveled up

Winter House Season 3 reunion
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When Brian entered the house, he had his eyes set on finding some female attention. That ended up being easier said than done because Brian had zero game whatsoever. He worked on it though, and in the season finale, he finally made out with Casey!

Apparently, Brian learned a thing or two during his time on Winter Hosue because everyone agreed that his flirt game has improved since Steamboat Springs. He even made a move with a couple of Real Housewives at BravoCon.

Andy said he heard that Brian made a pass at Ashley Darby from The Real Housewives of Potomac. Then, Brian revealed that he also shared a moment with Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie Monica Garcia. In less than a year, Brian went from getting turned down left and right on Winter House to flirting with Real Housewives. That’s growth.

Where do Tom and Katie stand today?

Winter House Season 3 reunion recap
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Coming into Winter House Season 3, Tom and Katie’s showmance was one of the most anticipated storylines. In the shadow of Scandoval, how could it be possible that he landed on a new girl named Katie?

During the reunion, Tom talked about how difficult it was to come into Winter House just a week after Tom Sandoval’s infidelity became public knowledge. Schwartzy said that the pressure of Vanderpump Rules made him uneasy about pursuing Katie. Of course, we know that he eventually let his guard down, moved Katie out of the friendzone, and invited her on a date in Los Angeles. It only took all season, but what happened from there?

The pair revealed that they did have their date in Los Angeles after filming wrapped for Winter House. Tom said he took Katie and Malia for a romp around West Hollywood where they did Jell-O shots out of syringes. Sounds romantic, right?

Today, Katie and Tom said they communicate sporadically. Just as Katie predicted in the finale, there’s nothing serious there. But if they ever wind up in another sharehouse together, you can bet they’ll be hooking up again.

Untangling Alex and Danielle’s web

Danielle Olivera on the Winter House Season 3 reunion
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Winter House Season 3 ended on a wild note with Danielle confronting Jordan over the perceived flirting going on with Alex. Danielle apologized for lashing out before they departed Steamboat Springs. However, watching the show caused all of those emotions to resurface.

Andy tried to get to the bottom of Danielle’s confusing attitude towards Alex and Jordan. If she and Alex were casual, why was she so territorial with him? Danielle explained, “It wasn’t about me having feelings for Alex.”

She continued, “There’s a boundary, and you consistently crossed it. It’s happening right in front of my face, and it was just a slap in the face.”

Jordan responded and said that she didn’t feel she was being disrespectful. Alex agreed. Danielle’s only rule for Alex was that he not hook up with anyone in the house. He didn’t, so what’s the problem?

Ultimately, Danielle felt that since she and Alex were having sex and living under the same roof for two weeks, he should have adjusted his approach and not been flirty with anyone. By Danielle’s logic, that means if they didn’t live under the same roof, Alex would be free game. Thankfully, their relationship is all in the past. Let’s hope Danielle is taking some time to focus on herself, rather than terrorizing someone else.

Sam’s still in her feelings

Sam Feher on the Winter House Season 3 reunion
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Sam spent less than 72 hours as a guest in the sharehouse, but she was welcomed into the Season 3 reunion as if she were a cast member. Although she and Kory became “official” during her visit to the house, she said that watching the season unfold on TV pissed her off all over again.

Andy asked what specifically bothered her, and Sam had a whole list. First, she went after Malia, still convinced that Malia wanted to jump Kory’s bones. Then, she went after Jordan for showing interest in Kory and knocking on his door at 2 a.m.

It seemed like Sam had smoke for everyone except Kory, the person who refused to put a label on their relationship. However, we learned that Kory has caught an earful of this, too. Sam said they talk about it “every day.”

Can you imagine having to hear about this Winter House drama every single day? Therapists get paid for that. Kory is doing it for free. He’s a trooper, and by the end of the reunion, he admitted that his biggest regret was coming into the house without defining his relationship with Sam. Still, we know that somewhere out there in the universe, Sam is sitting somewhere seething and complaining about Winter House Season 3.

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