Will Gerry and Theresa Cancel Their Golden Bachelor Wedding?

Gerry Turner Theresa Nist
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On The Golden Bachelor, the spin-off’s first ever lead, Gerry Turner, proposed to Theresa Nist, and everything appeared to be great. The couple seemed more in love than ever on After the Final Rose, where it was announced that they would be tying the knot sooner than fans expected. Gerry and Theresa’s Golden Bachelor wedding will be televised on January 4 at 8pm, and it appears the senior-centric spin-off was a huge success.

However, there have been rumblings that all is not well between Gerry and Theresa. Though the couple are nothing but lovey dovey on social media and their various media appearances, there are rumors aplenty that Gerry and Theresa are struggling a bit. The rumors may be overblown, but that, plus the break-neck speed of the progression of their relationship, has many fans wondering if there really will be a wedding come January 4. 

Gerry and Theresa Might Cancel Their Wedding

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There’s not enough information out there right now to firmly suggest whether Gerry and Theresa’s wedding will or won’t happen. In fact, there are numerous reasons why either outcome wouldn’t be surprising. But here’s the factors that might lead to a runaway bride (or groom…or both!).

A lot can change from the time a lead and their final choice get engaged and when they are announced as a couple after the season’s finale. One of the toughest hurdles a couple must clear is the simple act of watching the show. It’s during this time that the lead’s final rose recipient gets to see everything they didn’t see while filming the show. Watching what their new fiancé was up to when they weren’t around has led to more than one Bachelor Nation breakup. This could have created tension between Gerry and Theresa, even if they haven’t shown it.

Unfortunately, Theresa is learning more about Gerry than just what she’s seen on the show. New allegations have come out about Gerry accusing him of lying about his relationship history as well as his job history and overall financial stability. Theresa might not have issues with those things on their own. However, she could now have concerns about Gerry not being fully honest with her.

These allegations might have Theresa concerned about her own financial security, prompting her to seek a prenup before the wedding. Gerry is supposedly not happy about it. Of course, it was the National Enquirer who broke the news about Theresa’s prenup request, so it should be taken with a big ol’ grain of salt. However, finances lead to the demise of many relationships. If these rumors are true, a prenup could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

Gerry and Theresa Won’t Cancel Their Wedding

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However, just because there are rumors doesn’t mean they’re true or that they will lead to Gerry and Theresa canceling their wedding. After all, Gerry and Theresa haven’t publicly expressed having any reservations. In fact, they’ve seemed nothing but totally in love with each other since After the Final Rose. 

Even if Gerry and Theresa do have some reservations, they’re likely under intense pressure from ABC to go through with the wedding. The success of Golden Bachelor did a lot to revive interest in the struggling franchise. So, it’s in ABC’s best interest for Gerry and Theresa to ride off into the sunset together. 

There’s also lots of money being dumped into this wedding and promoting the televised special. Once those wheels are in motion, it’s hard to stop. If Gerry and Theresa call things off before January 4, all that money goes down the drain. ABC will probably do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s possible that Theresa and Garry are worried about violating their contracts. While ABC can’t force Gerry and Theresa to get married, if the couple broke up, they may be on the hook for fees associated with the wedding costs and lost revenue as a result of the special being canceled. It wouldn’t be the first time a reality TV star hesitated to quit a show out of fear of being slapped with tens of thousands of dollars in fines for breaking contract.

Even if Gerry and Theresa are rethinking the wedding, it might be safer for them to go through with the wedding, fulfill their obligations to ABC, and then get an annulment afterwards.

But Realistically, Gerry and Theresa Will Probably Go Through With It

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist
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However, despite there being several reasons why the couple would want to pump the brakes, the reality is, we probably won’t see Gerry and Theresa canceling their Golden Bachelor wedding. Ultimately, they’re probably going to tie the knot.

Some fans are skeptical because the two didn’t spend Christmas together, but rather, with their respective families. But that’s not uncommon for couples who have family in different areas. The rumors of the prenup discussion could also be true, and it may be a sticking point for Gerry and Theresa. However, it wouldn’t be unusual if one of them caved because they feel so in love right now, and the wedding could go on as planned.

The couple has come this far, so the pressure is on Gerry and Theresa, from themselves, their families, fans, and ABC, to say ‘I do.’ With a wedding on the line, giving up on their relationship would be a failure in many ways. Gerry and Theresa might not be able to come to terms with the reality that they may have made a mistake.

Plus, Gerry and Theresa are still so deep in the Bachelor bubble that they’re blind to any issues they might have. With their relationship very much in the honeymoon phase, it’s easy for Gerry and Theresa to give into the fantasy. Neither one of them is likely to pull the plug, and with their wedding mere days away, it’s probably happening.