Gerry Turner’s Fall From Grace Since Golden Bachelor Started, Explained

Gerry Turner
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At the start of The Golden Bachelor era, leading man Gerry Turner was unstoppable. After making history as the first ever Golden Bachelor, Gerry gained immense popularity and support. After all, how could a 72 year old man looking for love after his wife’s passing not be one of the most genuine people ever?

To the surprise of many, as Gerry’s journey continued, he began to fall off of his high horse. When Gerry got to hometowns, his decision-making skills had viewers questioning his every move. Combined with troubling information revealed about Gerry’s past post-show, the Golden Bachelor is now finding himself in deep water.

Here’s what we know about Gerry’s fall from grace since the start of the season, including if he has the potential for a comeback!

Gerry Did Faith Wrong

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Gerry’s first big mistake was the manner in which he handled his breakup with Faith Martin during hometowns. Faith was the second hometown of the week, which went well from start to finish. Gerry even told Faith that he loved her in front of her family, which she said back. As anyone would, Faith assumed her relationship with Gerry was solid and expected to move on to the next week.

When Gerry eliminated Faith at the rose ceremony, she was understandably shocked. While Gerry had strong feelings for all three of the final women, he should not have told Faith he loved her if he was going to send her home. Gerry threw important words around casually, which showed that despite his age, he is somewhat immature when it comes to love.

Gerry Blindsided Leslie When He Broke Up With Her

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Leslie Fhima was Gerry’s runner-up, although she never expected her journey with him to end that way. Gerry and Leslie had a strong connection from the jump, and after hometowns it seemed like she might be the one. Gerry hit it off with Leslie’s family, who later made an amazing first impression on his as well.

After Gerry’s final date with Theresa Nist, Leslie noticed a shift in him. When Gerry came to see Leslie for their last one on one date together, she quickly realized that something was off. Eventually, Gerry admitted that he had fallen in love with Theresa and planned to choose her. Leslie was shocked, and did not take the news well.

Later on, Leslie admitted that Gerry had basically confirmed he would choose her during their fantasy suite date. Leslie claimed that Gerry had all but proposed to her, leaving her stunned to find out that he instead chose Theresa. Gerry received a lot of backlash for the way he ended his relationship with Leslie, as well as for leading her on when he knew his mind was not yet made.

Gerry May Have Lied About His Past

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While Gerry was certainly criticized for his actions on the show, there has also been some questionable information revealed regarding his past. On the show, Gerry claimed that he had been single since the passing of his wife, Toni, five years prior. Later on, he joked that he had one kiss with a woman during that time. However, Gerry seemed to have left out a lot of important info.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Gerry allegedly had a three-year relationship in the five years between Toni dying and going on the show. The mystery woman was 14 years younger than Gerry, and they quickly hit it off. After dating for ten months, the new couple moved in together and lived in the same home for nearly two years.

Ultimately, their relationship came to an end before Gerry’s high school reunion. According to the woman, Gerry refused to take her after not being happy with her appearance. The woman felt the comment was in reference to her weight. She admitted that while she was not heavy by any means, she had probably gained about 10 pounds during the relationship. This ended things for the couple, and several years later Gerry went on to become the Golden Bachelor.

Gerry is in a lot of hot water following these allegations, as they paint him in a very different light. While it is possible for Gerry to make a comeback after his Golden Wedding to Theresa, his reputation is now tainted in the eyes of many viewers.