Everything That Made the RHOSLC Season 4 Finale So Iconic

Heather Gay
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Okay, I am still holding onto the edge of my seat and clutching my nonexistent pearls. Even six hours later, I can’t stop thinking about the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 finale and feeling personally victimized by Monica Garcia. The RHOSLC finale had intrigue, plotting, bright neon lipstick, and an unhinged Lisa Barlow all in one short hour. Without balking, Monica will go down as one of the greatest Real Housewives villains of all time. The RHOSLC Season 4 finale was iconic, and even a little traumatic. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sipping on a strong cockie trying to make sense of it all. 

Will the Real Monica Please Stand Up

Monica Garcia/Instagram

The RHOSLC Season 4 finale started strong as Heather Gay was caught on a hot mic after dropping $700 on perfume. It wasn’t even Chanel No.5. She whispered on the phone, “What did you find out? Are you kidding me right now? Shut the fuck up. I’m trembling.” In an awkward beach pow-wow, Heather gathered the remaining OGs, Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks, and Lisa. 

As Heather pretended that they have always been ride or die for one another, she dropped the bomb about Monica. Heather claimed the newbie “is not who she says she is; she’s someone that’s schemed and worked to infiltrate our friend group, and the name you all know her as … is Reality Von Tease.” The middle-aged moms responded with audible gasps, indicating their shock. 

Which Monica?

Meredith Marks/Instagram

In the 80s, trolls used to be cute naked plastic toys with bright color hair. But not these days. Now, Monica is embracing her part as an online bully. Heather pieced together clue after clue. She discovered Monica had three accounts at Heather’s Beauty Lab spa with the same birthday. Heather noticed one of the accounted owed the store a lot of money. After talking to a mutual friend, Heather was able to determine that Monica was behind the social media account from hell.

According to Monica, Reality Von Tease was an Instagram account made for the purpose of taking down Jen Shah. She claimed the others were just “collateral damage.” Monica didn’t seem fazed by the revelation. Her flashbacks showed her freely divulging personal information and even joking on the beach about making a troll account. 

Was Angie in On It?

Angie Katsanevas/Instagram

Honestly, Angie Katsanevas seemed a bit out of it for most of the meal. However, she randomly perked up to confront Monica. But Monica, or Tease, as I may start calling her, wasted no time in turning the tables. “You wanna talk about how you’re involved with Reality Von Tease?” Monica shot back. She then pointed out how Angie positively engaged with the account, leaving smiling emojis and hearts on posts. Screenshots shared during the episode provided proof. Honestly, where is the Greek mob when you need them? 

Monica Was in Meredith’s Store


As the Bermuda Triangle-themed dinner table erupted, Heather claimed Monica worked for Jen “as a blonde named Monica Fowler.” And in that moment, it all clicked. With the help of Bravo, production footage was shown of the infamous shopping spree where a bag was stolen from Meredith’s boutique. And who was Jen’s right-hand man? Monica is right there on camera, wearing her long blonde hair and a face mask. Personally, I gasped so hard I scared my husband, who thought I was choking. 

The fuzzy footage shook me to the core. Heather explained that was the same moment Jen’s other sketchy assistant shoplifted a clutch. Meredith, who looks to be longing for one of her famed bathtub moments, erupted. “You were in my store, Monica,” Meredith yelled. “It is on my security footage!” Editors then played back a scene from earlier in Season 4, showing Monica happily browsing the racks, telling Meredith she had never been in the store before. 

The Truth About the Black Eye

Heather Gay/Instagram

For the entire season, RHOSLC fans speculated about how Heather got her black eye. No one bought Heather’s story about tripping and hitting the sink or being too drunk to remember. But finally, in the RHOSLC Season 4 finale, fans heard the truth (or so we assume). During a moving soliloquy, Heather stood up and shared that she and her friends had taken Jen’s intense bullying for years as they lived “in constant fear.” Heather continued, “I felt like I had to lie to protect her. I took shit for the fact that she gave me a black eye.”

The dinner was clearly over, and Heather buried her head in her hands. Honestly, I felt terrible for Heather, who clearly needs a good team around her and some major therapy for her trauma. After exposing the truth and her scars, Heather gracefully ended the chit-chat by saying, “I had to ride hard for her, and I had to lie for her. We’re not gonna do it again for you. Pack your bags and go.”