All the Clues That Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Dating Zac Clark

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Bachelor Nation is ringing in 2024 with quite a scandal, and we have all the details. After being spotted together at a New Year’s Eve celebration, rumors quickly began to swirl that Kaitlyn Bristowe was involved with Zac Clark. Kaitlyn was the lead of The Bachelorette Season 11, while Zac was the winner of The Bachelorette Season 16.

At first glance, this appear like a typical Bachelor Nation pairing. However, the roots of this unexpected match run much deeper. Kaitlyn co-hosted The Bachelorette Seasons 17 and 18 with Zac’s ex Tayshia Adams, which makes the allegations all the more surprising. So far, nothing has been confirmed regarding Kaitlyn and Zac. But these are all the clues that point to them being Bachelor Nation’s newest couple!

Kaitlyn & Zac Were Spotted Being Flirty At A NYE Party

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The concrete clue pointing to Kaitlyn and Zac’s newfound romance is a picture of them dancing together at a New Year’s Eve party. In the photo, Kaitlyn is seen beaming at Zac, with her arm wrapped firmly around his neck. While Zac’s back is to the camera, his arm is around Kaitlyn’s waist, suggesting it’s more than a friendly encounter.

There is no doubt that Kaitlyn and Zac are the two people pictured in the photo. Kaitlyn’s face is very clear, and Zac is wearing the same outfit in other pictures from the party. Kaitlyn and Zac look very comfortable with one another from the body language in the photo. So it is possible that they have been seeing one another for some time.

Kaitlyn’s Ex-Fiancé Seemingly Confirmed The Rumors

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Kaitlyn and her ex Jason Tartick called off their engagement in August 2023. However, this did not stop the former from alluding to his ex’s new romantic pursuits. After the photo of Kaitlyn and Zac went viral, Jason seemingly threw some shade at his ex under his New Year’s post.

In the comments section, a number of fans hinted at Kaitlyn and Zac’s newly suspected romance. One fan suggested that Jason’s 2024 should begin on January 2, after the news broke on January 1. Later on, Jason reposted that comment on his story, and joked that he agreed. This suggests that Jason was hurt over the possibility of Kaitlyn and Zac being an item. It’s unclear what else would make him repost a comment like that.

Kaitlyn Talked About Being ‘Messy’ In 2024

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Shortly before the photo of her with Zac broke the Internet, Kaitlyn shared a suspicious quote on her Instagram story. Kaitlyn wrote, “The vibe for 2024 is messy authenticity over fake perfection.” This seemingly hints toward her new alleged relationship with Zac for several reasons.

The biggest reason Kaitlyn and Zac’s relationship would be considered messy, is because of both of their ties to Tayshia. While Zac became engaged to Tayshia on The Bachelorette Season 16, Kaitlyn co-hosted The Bachelorette Seasons 17 and 18 with her. At the time, Tayshia and Kaitlyn were still with Zac and Jason, respectively.

While Zac and Tayshia have been broken up for some time, Bachelor Nation fans just cannot help but feel like Kaitlyn and Zac are wrong. Kaitlyn and Tayshia were great friends while co-hosting, so it just seems a bit shady that Kaitlyn would go after her friend’s ex. While the rumors are still of course only rumors, Kaitlyn and Zac may have some explaining to do if they eventually come out as an item.

There Were Rumors Of An Unexpected Bachelor Nation Couple

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Finally, a prior rumor of an unexpected Bachelor Nation couple seems to further confirm that Kaitlyn and Zac are romantically involved. The rumor hinted that an alleged new couple would surprise fans because of their career differences, which would make sense for Kaitlyn and Zac. Kaitlyn is a television personality and podcast host, while Zac prefers to work out of the spotlight running a recovery facility.

The rumor was originally submitted to a podcast by an anonymous listener, but it now appears to have some merit. Kaitlyn and Zac would certainly be an unexpected Bachelor Nation couple, but more so because of their pasts as opposed to their careers. With everything taken into account, it seems more likely than not that Kaitlyn and Zac may really be an item!