Why Peter Weber Should Join the Traitors

Peter Weber
Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty Images

On the Thursday, February 1 episode of The Traitors, former Bachelor Peter Weber faced a difficult decision. The 32-year-old was recruited by Parvati Shallow and Phaedra Parks to join their team as a Traitor. Up to this point, Peter had been the leader of the Faithfuls. Last week, he helped devise a plan to trap the Traitors by misleading them about who had the shields. The plan worked perfectly and resulted in Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling being unmasked as a Traitor at the roundtable.

The decision to recruit Peter was a defense move for Parvati. Peter has been hot on her trail and after Dan’s elimination, she became his next target. The Survivor alum probably saw bringing in Peter as her only lifeline in the game.

So, should Peter accept the offer and become a Traitor? We think it’s his only shot at winning the game.

Here are all the reasons Peter should join the Traitors.

He’ll Be Protected

(Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty Images)

Peter is a big threat to the Traitors. He has already correctly identified two of the three Traitors (Dan and Parvati) and his peers trust his intuition. He is perhaps the most strategic player among the Faithfuls and has been vocal about wanting to win the game. All of this makes him a prime murder target for the Traitors.

If Peter rejects the offer, his game is toast. Parvati and Phaedra will see they can’t work with him and have more reason to cut him loose during one of the nightly murders. If he accepts the offer, he cannot be murdered. Sure, he can be banished at the roundtable but he has more credibility than anyone else in the game right now. He was instrumental in catching the first Traitor for the Faithfuls. Why would they want to banish him? He’s the people’s princess!

Even if Parvati tries to throw his name out there, who will believe her? She has few allies in the game and everyone suspects she is a Traitor. Peter has all the power.

He’ll Be Able to Keep His Allies Safe

(Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty Images)

Part of the reason Parvati wanted to recruit Peter was for revenge. The 41-year-old has been candid with how she feels about Peters’s clique in the castle, calling it “off-putting.” At the recruitment ceremony, Parvati told Phaedra she wants to watch Peter “murder his friends.”

While it’s true becoming a Traitor will force Peter to make some tough cuts, it doesn’t mean he has to kill off his closest allies. The Traitors have to decide who to murder TOGETHER, so if Peter wants to keep his inner circle safe, he can. He might be outnumbered by the two women but he can be pretty convincing. Phaedra isn’t Parvati’s lap dog. We think she could be swayed by Peter.

Either way, he has more power in the decision room than out of the decision room.

He Can Still Cut Parvati

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There is no rule preventing the Traitors from going against one of their own. After Dan betrayed Phaedra, anything goes. Peter has made it clear he suspects Parvati is a Traitor. If he accepts the offer, he will have confirmation that his intuition was spot on.

He can choose to work with Parvati in the short term. Mainly to keep a big target in the house while he eliminates some of the competition on the Faithful side. But when the time comes, he can turn on her at the round table. Of the three Traitors, Peter is in the best position to win the game. Becoming a Traitor doesn’t mean he has to turn on his allies and work with Parvati and Phaedra. He can play this like a double agent and he should.

He Can Win More Money

(Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty Images)

The worst part of being a Faithful is you have to share the prize pot at the end. Lame! Prior to being recruited, Peter had no shot of taking all the money for himself. But if he accepts the offer, he could leave the castle a much richer man. He is clearly an ambitious player and we’re guessing the extra dollar signs will be too tempting to pass up. He should accept the offer.