Monica Garcia for RHOSLC Season 4
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Monica Garcia Accused of ‘Stalking’ Tenesha Luckett in Police Report

New allegations from Tenesha Luckett against Monica Garcia have come to light. The former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star was implicated in the Reality Von Tease Instagram account, along with Tenesha. The account was dedicated to bringing down other SLC cast members, particularly Jen Shah.

When Monica’s involvement in the account came to light, her former castmates went crazy on her at the Season 4 reunion. Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow accused Monica of stalking Jen, her former employer. Heather and Lisa’s accusations were just allegations. But now, new claims are circulating.

Tenesha accuses Monica of driving by her house

The U.S. Sun obtained a police report from July 26, 2023, wherein Tenesha called West Jordan police to report a suspected stalking. The report indicated that Tenesha saw Monica “driving around her neighborhood.” Tenesha found that “very unusual,” given Monica’s residence in Kaysville – half an hour away from West Jordan.

The report also showed Tenesha informing cops of Monica’s alleged history of “stalking” others. Especially those with whom she’d had a “falling out.” The report’s conclusion read, “Tenesha stated that she is not scared of her safety, but she wants to document the occurrence in case something happens.”

From there, on January 1, Tenesha went back to the cops to report “harassment.” The police report showed that Tenesha “stated that [stalking] issue has since stopped as she has not seen Monica’s vehicle in the area since. However recently she found out about an Instagram page … which she believes Monica made to bad mouth Tenesha.”

Another alleged burner account from Monica

The Instagram account was called Reality Von Sleeze. It reportedly wrote “about how Tenesha is being called out for previously having a ‘burn web page’ that said nasty things about other women.” The Sun reported that the Reality Von Sleeze account existed at one point. But, following the link now yields a result that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

The police report continued: “[Tenesha] has been receiving messages from multiple people about things only her and Monica knew.” The report concluded, “As of this time, its unknown if Monica is directly involved in this Instagram webpage that Tenesha said is badmouthing her and her character.

“No threats were reported to have occurred and its currently unknown who is even messaging Tenesha on this webpage as its [sic] all apparently anonymous.” The case was called “civil in nature,” and as such, no charges were filed against Monica by police.

Tenesha’s comments on her police reports

When reached for comment, Tenesha responded, “I have not seen her in my neighborhood for the last couple months. I was very hesitant on even calling the police because that’s honestly not my first instinct, but knowing the history of what I knew her to do to other people, I felt it was necessary.”

She continued, “After seeing her in my neighborhood, I was extremely uncomfortable and unsettled, especially because I had been seeing her car for months, but could never confirm it was her. I am hoping I never see her again honestly. I want to move forward with my life with Monica nowhere in sight.”

Monica nor her reps did not respond to the request for comment.