Who’s Getting Fired On Below Deck Season 11?

Jared Woodin, Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck Season 11 has just started airing. Joining us back at sea is Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby, who is currently in the Lead Deckhand position. Another familiar face this season is Captain Kerry Titheradge, who is taking over for Captain Lee Rosbach. So far, we’re loving Captain Kerry.

Everyone else is new to Bravo. At least for now. You see, we recently learned that this won’t always be the case. In an interview with E! News, Fraser and Ben alerted us to this fact, noting that their cast will be shaken up quite a bit in the episodes that lie ahead.

As for Fraser, he divulged that “There’s a significant turnover this year. I don’t go anywhere though, so thank God for that.” Phew. Because we adore Fraser’s witty, dark commentary.

Ben agreed with Fraser’s statement. However, Ben also spoke on the firings this season, saying that we’re “probably gonna see more than season 10.” Just to recall, during BD Season 10, Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in for a bit because Captain Lee had a medical issue. Here, Captain Sandy fired Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber.

If Ben’s statement is accurate, then this means that more than two crew members will leave early this season. Ship happens. That said, the tea that excites us the most is what Ben said next, as he teased that these fallen yachties would be replaced by well known faces.

“You’re in for seeing a few more familiar faces, one a little bit more familiar than you would expect. But I’ll leave that for you guys to decipher,” Ben shared. Now we’re excited! Before anyone can return though, positions have to open up onboard. On that, these are our predictions for the Below Deck Season 11 firings.

Jared Woodin


Jared Woodin is the Bosun, for now. His upcoming firing though is as clear as day, if you ask us. On deck, Ben is already frustrated with his new boss, saying that he “feels dumber” in his presence. This is likely because Ben is also an experienced Bosun, and he wants Jared’s gig.

Even still, Jared is in over his head. His experience prior to filming for BD was on smaller vessels. Therefore, he’s not really a pro on deck, and his inaccurate measuring of distances is going to be a huge liability for this yacht. Also, there are multiple signs online that point towards Jared’s early departure from Season 11.

For starters, as of earlier this week, Jared’s Instagram featured zero signs of life on this series. Currently, he’s gone private. Also, his bio is missing on Bravo’s website. Furthermore, in the sneak peek, we can see Fraser arguing with Ben, and Ben stresses, “You’ve had way more people let go on your side. End of story.”

Ben’s words stated that he owned a side. Which means Ben’s eventually going to become the Bosun. We’re calling it. At some point soon, Jared’s fired from Below Deck Season 11.

Cat Baugh

Cat Baugh/Instagram

From what we’ve seen of Cat Baugh so far, she’s sweet and pretty hardworking, and she even has five years of yachting experience on her resume. But, just like Jared, her previous boats were all smaller. However, she’s currently the slowest moving stewardess onboard. She’s also already stressed out, as the massive size of St. David, and her responsibilities, both seem to be a lot more than she had originally bargained for.

Sadly, Cat’s firing is likely. On the flip side, Cat might also choose to leave Below Deck Season 11 early, as zero jobs are ever worth crying over.

Barbie Pascual

Barbara Pascual/Instagram

In terms of her work ethic, Barbie Pascual is killing it. She’s incredibly experienced, and she’s also bilingual. This is a huge bonus for any crew working in international waters with guests onboard from various backgrounds. However, in Fraser’s interview With E! News, he mentioned that he “definitely found it tricky at times to work alongside” Barbie.

In the sneak peek, the two are even seen fighting, with one fight ending in tears. “You guys are so adamant that I’m this b*tch,” Barbie says to Fraser. “You’re a b*tch to me,” Fraser responds. After this, Barbie is inside her cabin’s bathroom, saying, “I can’t get through to him. I can’t fix it” through her tears.

Also, Barbie’s Instagram boasts the @BravoTV and @Peacock mentions, but she doesn’t have any photos posted of her time onboard St. David. This could be intentional though, as her socials are pretty curated. Even still, for the higher tensions that we’ve seen lying ahead, the chances are high that Barbie fails to last for an entire charter season.

Anthony Iracane Is Our Wild Card


Anthony Iracane is our wild card. At this point, it’s hard to determine his fate. As a whole, his dishes are stunning, and the guests so far have been pleased. In one sneak peek though, a future guest hates his fillet, calling it “chewy.”

In addition, Anthony’s timing is really, really bad. The first charter group’s dinner service saw the guests sitting at their table for hours. But, because of his skill, if he can get his timing down pat, he might just make it to the end of this season. On his possible future firing, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Below Deck Season 11.