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Ladies of London’s Juliet Angus Shows off Expensive Bag After Collection Was Stolen

Okay where are my Ladies of London fans and why was it the best show on Bravo that never returned? Remember Juliet Angus? She was the loud American who repeatedly shocked the British ladies with her boisterous attitude. Juliet was largely protected by Caroline Stanbury on the show, but no one was protecting her home during a robbery.

Ugh, just writing this is going to make me do a rewatch, god I loved LoL. While we don’t hear much from the cast these days, Juliet is in the news for over-sharing on social media. After losing an entire Hermès Birkin collection to thieves, the former reality star is starting over.

The Ballad of the Stolen Birkins

I will never face these problems, but sometimes Birkin bags collected over the years will disappear courtesy of a home invasion. This happened to Juliet and her family when some robbers took advantage of Juliet’s luxurious lifestyle.

Now she’s back to start from scratch and shared her new bag with followers. The fans were questioning Juliet’s decision-making abilities because who flaunts new bags after having their closet wiped out by crooks? Juliet does. And maybe Dorit Kemsley.

She discussed it on an Instagram Reel and explained the emotional impact after her “entire handbag collection” was stolen. “When you’ve had your entire handbag collection, 25 years of collecting stolen by horrible humans, low-life criminals, and have to slowly start all over again. These bags are expensive and a lot of work goes into being able to afford just one,” Juliet said. The latest bag is worth $37k.

Juliet added her family’s home was apparently watched beforehand, so notifying the public you have new stock is definitely a choice. “The worst part of it is, the sleepless nights, anger at the violation of people in your home, taking from you and knowing exactly who did it,” she continued. Oh dear.

“Be careful who you let into your home and you give valuable visuals to. We have made safety changes and the @metpolice_uk still has this under a greater investigation,” the mom of two shared.

People were popping off in the comments. One person said she was as guilty as the folks who looted her house. “Some of the most private people have been burglarised because they live in a beautiful home – does that legitimize criminal behavior? I have some friends firsthand – the most private people, not even on Instagram. What you say is absolutely ridiculous.”

Too soon?

So basically Juliet isn’t going to stop showing off her expensive stuff on social media and anyone who objects can suck it. Sigh.

While Ladies of London is no longer filming, you can watch old episodes on Peacock. Caroline Stanbury is still around and stars on Real Housewives of Dubai, Season 2 should be released in 2024.