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Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Officially Split: ‘Solely for Their Personal Growth’

Welp, the rumors were true. There is no longer pure love in this world as we know it because Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are no more. I know, I know – feel free to grab a tissue. Unfortunately the Real Housewives of Miami star and her boyfriend with the famous last name have parted ways.

This is a shock, right? Weren’t we being beseiged with tales of Marcus and Larsa’s active sex life? Didn’t they have to create a podcast together because being apart was too painful? While many figured something was afoot when Marcus tried giving Larsa a “promise” ring, apparently the promise wasn’t to stick around. People has the scoop.

No family drama – allegedly

Okay didn’t most of us think this relationship was headed downhill once a drunky Michael Jordan made it publicly known he wasn’t thrilled with his son’s choices in life? That really triggered Larsa because prior to MJ telling the truth, it was all sunshine and rainbows when she talked about “the family.”

Now insiders close to the couple say they’re dunzo. “They have decided to take some time apart to reevaluate their relationship.” But, but, weren’t we looking at wedding venues?? The source added, “This has nothing to do with any family input, but solely for their personal growth.” Well, they were personally growing into each other, so a break might be nice.

Larsa and Marcus never alluded to issues, outside of MJ not being thrilled – which Marcus disputed at the time. After they mutually wiped all traces of each other on Instagram, Marcus posted a pic with Big Daddy who was smiling for the first time in approximately twelve months.

Over the weekend, Larsa took a break from football (she prefers basketball) and chose to post some cryptic stuff on Insta and an incredibly mature poll asking if friends should unfollow your ex’s. Additionally, we don’t know what sparked the demise of this romance, some are speculating Marcus colored outside of the lines. Personally I think he watched Larsa’s treatment of Guerdy Abraira and decided to peace out after the lunch conversation.

Either way they’ll probably be back together by this Friday. Stay tuned.

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