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Lisa Hochstein Demands Ex-Lenny’s Lawyer Be Disqualified Ahead of Divorce Trial

I’m not sure you’ve heard the news, but Lisa Hochstein is getting a divorce. And contrary to popular belief, this is the worst divorce of all time. It’s worse than your divorce, your Aunt’s divorce, and every divorce in between.

The Real Housewives of Miami star and soon-to-be-ex husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein have been going through the divorce motions for approximately 837 years and it’s not over yet. Amid accusations and mudslinging, it appears Lisa has one final request. She wants Lenny’s lawyer disqualified. Radar has the scoop.

New lawyer for Lenny?

In her quest for world domination and seeing who can lose fans quicker, herself or Larsa Pippen, now Lisa is gunning for Lenny’s divorce attorney. She feels his present counsel has inside info about the skeletons in her closet.

Court docs show the mom of two recently requested a Miami judge to disqualify Lorne E. Berkeley from Lenny’s legal team. Lorne is based out of the Daniels, Rodriguez, Berkeley, Daniels & Crus, P.A. law firm.

Lisa, being the gracious soul that she is, asked this man if he would voluntarily remove himself from the case. Naturally, he declined so Lisa filed paperwork. According to Lisa, there is a “distinct conflict of interest with Mr. Berkeley representing the Husband in the instant matter, given Mr. Berkeley’s history of having represented the Wife in past legal proceedings.”

Ohhhhh, um, yeah this might be a conflict of interest. Lisa’s lawyer entered the chat and said, “During the parties’ intact marriage of nearly thirteen (13) years, Mr. Berkeley represented the Husband and Wife – separately and together – in dozens of matters.”

Additionally, “In fact, Mr. Berkeley represented the Wife as both an agent and attorney on many occasions, including but not limited to: contract negotiations; acting as an agent for Wife’s business ventures; drafting the Wife’s Will; defending the Wife in lawsuits; representing the Wife at depositions; suing individuals on behalf of the Wife; and many other personal and business matters.”

Lisa is under the impression Lenny’s attorney would use “information relating to his past representation” in their divorce trial, which is coming up. Lenny has yet to respond to his ex’s request.

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