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Luann de Lesseps Signs With Independent Artist Group

Luann de Lesseps has had an undeniably great couple of years. Things appeared to be looking down for Luann when The Real Housewives of New York was abruptly rebooted with an all-new cast. The Bravo stalwart suddenly had reason to fear she’d be out over at the network.

Of course, if Luann did fear such a thing, she didn’t have to fear for long. She found herself with a spinoff series soon enough, Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake. On top of that, Luann soon joined the cast of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy.

Now, rumor has it that she may rejoin the cast of RHONY in an old meets new type of scenario. So, for all the lows of the past couple of years, the highs have been unmatched. And that’s not even taking into account her ever-evolving music career.

Luann’s new label and musical accolades

On February 9, Deadline reported that Independent Artist Group signed Luann. Given Luann’s recent dip into cabaret, it seemed it was only a matter of time and a matter of which rep would sign her. Signing can often be a double-edged sword for artists, having to hand over a good chunk of revenue, but often receiving advances and intense exposure.

Specific details of the signing are unclear as of right now. However, it wouldn’t be too surprising if IAG, along with other labels, reached out to Luann. Her cabaret debut in 2017 with #CountessAndFriends had sold-out shows across the country.

Fans have streamed and downloaded her hit songs millions of times, including “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” “Chic C’est La Vie,” “Girl Code,” and “Feelin’ Jovani.” Luann’s prominence is so great in the music world that she has her own Pandora station.

When it comes to touring, Luann is still represented by Rich Super at Gersh. She has an upcoming show called Marry, F, Kill, Starring Luann de Lesseps. The Live Nation tour kicks off with a rescheduled date on March 22 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.