Kyle Richards’ Irresponsible Finances Are a Big Problem

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

The OG of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has built herself a nice little fortune over the years thanks to her many acting gigs. But Kyle Richards alarmed fans during a recent episode when she shared that Mauricio Umanksy is in charge of all her finances. It turns out Kyle is the type of wife who just reads whatever her husband puts in front of her. It’s sending up alarm bells. It is okay to trust your husband until it’s not okay to trust your husband. We’ve seen too many housewives fall into the same trap. It’s left fans thinking Kyle needs to get a grip on her finances—and fast. 

I’m perplexed at how dumb Kyle seems about the whole money thing. She has worked since a young age, and I would have assumed she might have better control over her assets. Now, with that said, maybe Kyle does. But the way she recently joked about her finances made her seem like someone who isn’t quite sure how to manage their bank account. 

Kyle Love To Shop

Kyle Richards/Instagram

During episode 11, while carrying her baby pink Birkin, Kyle revealed that she shops every single day of her life. The ladies traveled to Ojai for some much-needed retail therapy. The cute boutique didn’t stand a chance with Kyle on the prowl. When asked about her shopping addiction, she answered, “I don’t know how frequently I shop. How often do I buy something? For sure, every day.” 

Kyle joked that she could find something anywhere while browsing the shelves in Ojai. But it made me wonder, could Kyle afford her daily shopping sprees if she was cut off by Mo and divorced? Kyle sat in her confessional, joking that sometimes she buys big things and sometimes she buys little things. The Halloween star noted she “could shop on my phone at home. While in bed. Online shopping. Mobile Mart, there’s stuff in there I actually like.”  

Mo Might Not Always Be The Check Book

Kyle Richards/Instagram

For a few months now, there have been rumors that Mo and Kyle are not on the best of terms. Again, the recent episode showed Kyle talking about her struggling marriage. She noted if they can’t figure out how to communicate, it won’t last. I’m worried that Kyle is accustomed to a life where the man, aka Mo, is in charge of the money. Now, I don’t believe Kyle is on an allowance or anything, but I wonder if she is prepared for a day when Mauricio isn’t around. 

Kyle shared that Mauricio does the taxes, pays the mortgage, and everything else that comes with home ownership. I am curious to know if the two have separate bank accounts or if they share a joint one. Mo is dedicated to his baby, The Agency, and even though Kyle supported him from day one, backing him up, I could see him becoming extremely protective over the business. I also wonder if Mo is tired of being used like a cash cow. 

Kyle Needs To Make A Plan

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Kyle needs to make a financial plan in case something goes wrong with her marriage. And signing “stuff and hoping for the best” isn’t the plan I am talking about. Because Mo handles everything in their marriage, Kyle could end up blindsided in the long run. The irony of the situation is that her mother, Kathleen Richards, taught her never to trust a man. The OG shared, “The cynic in me is, like, just signing my life whole life away. Giving everything up to him.”

The couple share assets and own homes in Encino and La Quinta, California, and Aspen, Colorado, which I assume would be split if they divorced. But perhaps what is most disturbing to me is the fact that Big Kathy encouraged all her daughters to marry wealthy men, ultimately leaving them at the mercy of their rich spouses. I really hope Kyle has a good financial planner on her side. She is going to need it if it all goes south.