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Tom Girardi’s Brother And Conservator Ordered To Appear In Court With Tom’s Financial Records

Every time more news comes out about Tom Girardi and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne, it keeps seeming more and more like a dramatic movie. Tom is being accused of some truly awful deads — embezzling millions from his clients and victims to fund his wife’s wannabe pop career. She tried to scurry away unscathed (in a private jet) by filing for divorce, but luckily a judge ruled that victims can go after Erika for the money they’re due. But EJ claims they’re gifts, like a true main character villain.

The drama on RHOBH is only escalating when it comes to the Erika situation. Her car crash story. Her picture-perfect mascara tears. And a whole lot of questionable behavior that seems more like she’s playing a role than truly being sincere. Oh and she’s only worried about herself — not the “hundreds” of victims whose money funded her XXPen$ive lifestyle for years. I cannot wait for Sutton Stracke to step up and ask her the tough questions. The Southern Belle won’t be intimidated by the Ice Queen.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives of Beverly Hilsl

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is having one of its most explosive seasons yet, mostly due to the tornado of scandals swirling around Erika Jayne. Erika’s divorce from Tom Girardi amidst his embezzlement claims is unfolding before our eyes. And Erika is either telling the truth or doing her best soap opera acting to make fans believe she wasn’t involved. Even though the evidence is sketchy and she’s still flying private. She seems to only worry about “woe is Erika” and not the millions allegedly stolen from the REAL victims in the story.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, even if Erika is telling the truth, she hasn’t released ONE statement about the victims. Not a single acknowledgment or apology. And the questions just keep piling up about the whole situation, from Tom’s health status to just how long this whole thing’s been going on. Thankfully, a judge ordered that victims can go after Erika for their payments. Considering the price tag on one of her massive rings could literally TRANSFORM the lives of these people and their families.

Kyle & Erika

Someone give Erika Jayne an Oscar for the tremendous acting she’s doing this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Alright, there might be a chance she’s being genuine, but I’m not totally buying it. The timing of her divorce from Tom Girardi is more than questionable. As are records that Tom allegedly embezzled money from his clients to put right in her bank account. But EJ claims it was just a loveless divorce and time for her to move on — opportune when Tom is being accused of swindling millions.

And while Erika made sure to NOT wear waterproof mascara when the cameras were rolling, she must have forgotten she fully has the ability to make a statement to the victims for her husband’s bad business. But no, she’s too busy “battling her haters” on Instagram, shading Bravo editors and STILL flying private. But guys don’t forget Tom wouldn’t….hug her…back. *Cue single tear* Bravo, Miss Jayne.

Tom has been in deep shit for nearly a year now. He’s being accused of stealing millions to fund his and EJ’sXXPen$ive” lifestyle. And while Erika peaced out and grabbed anything she and Mikey Minden could fit in their arms when shit hit the fan, Tom’s brother has been the only one helping the 81-year-old navigate it all. First came the divorce, then the lawsuits. And then Tom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, leading his brother to take the lead on dealing with the mountain of issues facing the Girardi’s. Even though Tom was prettttty clear during a divorce hearing when he asked a judge to not grant Erika any alimony.

Kim Richards Kyle Richards limo

Here we go again. It’s the never-ending cycle of Kyle Richards bailing Kim Richards out of a sticky situation. Viewers won’t see Kim on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this time around, which leaves Kyle without a storyline. It appears neither Kyle or Kathy Hilton will have much to offer by way of interesting content this season, but they are definitely making sure to poke and prod each scene they are in (Heyyyyyy Tomasina…).

Without Kim, Kyle has little to talk about, much to Dorit Kemsley’s chagrin. Because who is Kyle if she isn’t fussing about Kim, her substance abuse issues, and everything she has done to save Kim’s ass. Kim’s is allegedly and hopefully sober right now but financial issues continue to plague her wallet. Kim owes about $90k in taxes and currently lives in an apartment complex in Encino. Once again, it appears Kyle is stepping in to assist and paying Kim’s rent, and once again someone is going to make sure you know about it.

Kathy Hilton Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton, and her wacky sense of humor, is the gift that keeps on giving on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathy read a newspaper and drank Red Bull in the middle of the night while in bed with her sister, Kyle Richards.

She pulled off a legendary martini “bottoms up” prank that left RHOBH co-star Sutton Stracke feeling left out. It was epic.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards and her family are like the First Family when it comes to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They’re all OGs. We’ve seen the ins and outs of Kyle and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage. We watched her children, particularly Portia Umansky, grow up in front of our eyes. She started the show with her sister Kim Richards by her side, and now in Season 11, her other (and just as goofy) sister Kathy Hilton is in the mix. Love them or hate them, those in Kyle’s orbit have been an integral part of the show. And sorry PK Kemsley, but Mo will always win the title of hottest RHOBH househusband. I don’t make the rules.

This season, in particular, it’s clear that Kyle’s daughters are mostly adults now. The majority of them are in college and/or working for Mauricio’s real estate biz. And little Portia is giving us that CLASSIC 12-year-old attitude. During the most recent episode of RHOBH, Portia got a surprise of a lifetime when her sister/BFF Sophia Umansky finally got to come home from college amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She’s in college across the country and Portia literally screamed and cried because she was so excited to see her. It was heartwarming to watch the sisterly bond.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit Kemsley’s storyline on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is confusing me more than her accent. Ever since she stopped feuding with Lisa Vanderpump over #puppygate, she’s given us glam looks and not much else. I rooted for her last season when she was one of the few supporting Denise Richards during Brandi Glanville’s calculated attacks regarding their alleged hookup. But this year, she’s only got into a sisterly spat with Kyle Richards that was drawn out way too long, much like Dorit’s sentences.

Dorit is severely on the sidelines this season of RHOBH. And part of me thinks that without PK Kemsley and his bromance with Mauricio Umansky that she would’ve gotten the boot by now. She received some heat this season for referring to Garcelle Beauvais as “inauthentic” and then acting buddy-buddy with her. And she got brownie points for about two seconds when I thought she was actually downing martinis with Kathy Hilton. But the most divisive thing she’s done this season is claim that she’s never had a nose job. Boring.

Lisa Vanderpump Posts Proof That RHOBH “Fan” With Autographed Photo Is A Paparazzi Guy To Shade Kyle Richards

Even though the year is 2021, somehow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OGs Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are STILL finding topics to fight about. In fact, even though LVP’s been off the show for seasons, she always finders herself in feuds with her former co-stars like Lisa Rinna or Brandi Glanville like clockwork. What a blast from the past. Either LVP is salty about leaving RHOBH, or the ladies are jealous she’s relatively unbothered after her unorthodox exit. She has a new season of Vanderpump Rules to film and a new spin-off show about dogs. However, that doesn’t mean the shady Brit won’t find time to bash her former co-stars or retaliate if they try to come for her.

Kyle and LVP have gone back and forth recently about quite a few things, most of them relatively frivolous. First, Lisa sent a dinner bill to Kyle’s table as a prank and it caused a whole fiasco. Then, Kyle slammed Lisa for “ruining” an RHOBH fan’s photo by scribbling over the faces of her former co-stars like Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne. Kyle might be right that LVP is the queen of grudge-holding, but she does know how to throw a good dig. And is a good player to have on your team in the game of shade.