Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16 Recap: A Calm Before the Storm

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16 recap
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16. This week’s episode, titled “Adios Mexico!” saw the girls wrap up their cast trip. The arguments progressed between Kiki and Lisa from last week, as well as Larsa and Alexia from two weeks prior. From there, the girls got back into their Miami lives, some for better and some for worse. All this and more on RHOM Season 6, Episode 16.

Lisa Hochstein’s past, present, and future

Lisa Hochstein for RHOM Season 6
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We checked in with the girls at their hotel as the episode began. As Lisa prepared for the day, Nicole popped in to discuss what the future held. Lisa faced the looming threat of meeting Lenny in court over their divorce settlement as soon as she got back home.

Nicole began connecting with Lisa over their upbringings, particularly, their relationships with their fathers. Lisa opened up about the problems between her mother and father, and her choice to leave home at 16. She admitted that she was prone to jumping into relationships due to “daddy issues” and the need to feel protected.

Nicole admitted that she felt her dad was a child, unable to assume the role of a parent. His choice to always date younger women certainly didn’t help her perception.

The girls soon met downstairs, sans Guerdy who was painfully sick. They loaded up into two separate sprinter vans, each group discussing how heated things were between Kiki and Lisa the night before. Nicole, diplomatic as ever, tried to point out to Lisa that Kiki had been very kind to her in the lobby.

Kiki admitted that she just wished Lisa would be more aware of her and her life. Alexia and Marysol told her not to get her hopes up, with Lisa seemingly unaware of the existence of Marysol’s own husband. “Lisa is only about Lisa,” Alexia told the cameras, adding she wasn’t “gonna hold her breath” for the day Lisa became less selfish.

A trip to the Mexican market

The girls soon arrived at an outdoor market, enjoying the hallmarks of Mexican souvenirs. Kiki even tried a sample of edible crickets, the insect nearly getting stuck in her throat. Soon enough, Kiki and Larsa became separated from the group. As it turned out, Kiki pulled her away for a reason, taking off her glasses to speak to Lisa.

Kiki admitted she’d said some mean things and felt horrible. Rather surprisingly, Lisa said, “We are both guilty of that.” Lisa apologized for her more out-of-pocket and aggressive comments, admitting that her circumstances made her angry and she’d taken it out on her friends. They managed to hug it out and everything was fine.

In private, Lisa admitted everyone had become “a casualty” of her circumstances. From there, Nicole and Lisa had to say goodbye, each needing to catch a flight back home. But Marysol planned something fun for the girls who remained – a little piñata in honor of Julia’s and Kiki’s birthdays.

Tequilas and tensions rise between Larsa and Alexia

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16
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That night, it was time to celebrate. But first, a trip to Larsa’s tequila distillery. Larsa called Marcus, sharing how excited she was for her friends to see where her tequila was bottled. However, there was some underlying tension there. At the beginning of the trip, Larsa came after Alexia.

Alexia had previously said that she often felt Larsa was trying to sell to her and the rest of the group. So, pre-emptively, Larsa attacked Alexia, assuming the Cuban doll would see this as another sales pitch.

Larsa, meanwhile, was just a little disappointed that only five of her friends could show up at the factory. Still, the group tried Larsa’s brand and admitted that they loved it. Kiki was visibly taken aback by how strong it was.

That’s when Larsa brought up the previous argument with Alexia. She pointed out how they had butted heads, to which Alexia said Larsa solely had butted her head (which was true, Larsa acted very out of the blue). “I just really wanted you to support me on this ‘cause I worked really hard,” Larsa said.

To that, Alexia said, “We all work very hard.” The group dropped it from there.

Kiki and Julia’s birthday celebrations

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16
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From there, Larsa presented three diamond necklaces, made in the shape of her tequila brand. She presented them to Julia and Kiki for their birthdays, and to Alexia as thanks for the trip. Kiki couldn’t help but feel a little short-changed, what with the gift feeling like a marketing strategy.

From there, the women headed upstairs to indulge in Kiki and Julia’s birthday dinner. In the spirit of celebration, the girls played a kindhearted game. When asked what they would take from the other girls at the table, Alexia said she wished she had Kiki’s energy and ability to light up a room.

Things took a little turn as Adriana said she’d take Marcus from Larsa, but the group took it as a joke. But with Marcus on the brain, Julia was curious as to what Michael Jordan thought of the relationship. Larsa danced around the issue, saying that Marcus’ mom had commented three hearts on their recent IG post. Julia knew Larsa was hiding something about Michael.

From there, Marysol passed around the piñata, letting the girls reach in and take something, allowing them all to find a dildo. They began tossing them and Adriana tried to calm them, reminding the group they were in public.

From there, the cakes came out, with Kiki’s face shoved into the pastry. The night ended on a major high note.

Good developments for Alexia, and even better for Lisa

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16 recap
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Back in Miami, Alexia and her son Frankie met up with Lily de Moya at The de Moya Foundation for further cognitive development treatments. As Frankie entered his session, Alexia and Lily got to talking. Lily alluded to the fact that she felt Alexia wasn’t doing enough to help Frankie work toward independence.

Of course, she didn’t say it in those words. She simply encouraged Alexia to move toward the next step – leaving Frankie at home alone all day. Alexia felt a great deal of fear at the prospect, especially since they were living in a new apartment.

From there, viewers checked in on Lisa and Jody, who had extremely good news to share. In a miraculous turn of events, Lenny agreed to sign the divorce settlement, even agreeing to have a home built for Lisa and the kids. No trip to court was required.

Interestingly, the plans for the house were those that Jody had designed in the past. The house looked beautiful, and with all that finalized, there were only a few steps left. After the division of marital assets, the divorce finalization would be coming up next.

Nicole meets her father’s girlfriend

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16
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After that, it was time to check in with Dr. Nicole, who was finally prepared to meet her dad’s new girlfriend. Nicole attempted to do so previously but Isis, Mike’s girlfriend, stood them up due to a claimed sickness. She admitted this was the first time she’d ever given one of her dad’s girlfriends any consideration.

Soon enough, Mike and Isis joined Nicole for lunch. Things started a bit awkwardly. Isis brought Nicole a gift from her line of hair and skincare products. But as it turned out, Isis and Nicole had more in common than the doctor likely anticipated. They were both 38 years old and both willing to criticize Mike.

When Mike reiterated his plans to have a child, Isis commented that he tracked her period more than she did, which Nicole couldn’t help but laugh at. Ultimately, Isis made quite the impression on Nicole, and the Housewife was just happy that the couple seemed happy.

Michael Jordan disapproves of Larsa and Marcus

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6, Episode 16
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Elsewhere, Alexia and Julia met up at a petting zoo, where they dropped off some homemade jam to the zookeepers. Soon, the two received a call from Adriana. Adriana informed the two that she was hosting a party in honor of her new song. But the conversation quickly turned to Michael Jordan’s disapproval of Larsa and Marcus.

The next day, Adriana met up with Larsa and Kiki to play some pickleball. What they lacked in pure skill, they made up for in energy spent. As soon as the group took a water break, Larsa showed her friends the flowers that Marcus ordered for her, with a note calling her “a great mom and wife.”

So, of course, they had to talk about Michael. Larsa tried to convince her friends that Michael was simply joking – that he’d been laughing when he said no. Kiki wasn’t buying it. Adriana tried to empathize, saying she’d feel a little hurt if in Larsa’s position.

“Behind closed doors, everyone’s fine,” Larsa said, trying to reassure her friends. In a confessional, Adriana responded with, “We can all see it clearly.”

Larsa, for her part, was embarrassed, feeling that Marcus should’ve been the one fielding these questions. She admitted that she felt like she was being put on trial by her friends. “I don’t want to talk about him,” she told Adriana and Kiki. “I don’t even want to call him by his name … I’m like, over him.”

And thus, just one week remains before the finale, with Season 6, Episode 16 feeling almost like a calm before the storm.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 finale airs Wednesday, February 21 at 9/8c on Bravo.