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Dr. Will Kirby on Why Big Brother Stars Don’t Do Well on The Traitors

Last night’s episode of The Traitors was another thrilling hour of must-watch television. Not only did viewers get to see that iconic Phaedra Parks evade another explosive roundtable discussion, but they also watched one of Big Brother’s most legendary players return. Well, briefly, at least. 

Dr. Will Kirby arrived in Scotland to host the day’s competition, which saw Real Housewives and Bachelors covered in roaches, maggots, and squirting liquids to earn some cash for their shared pot of gold.

Although he departed after the competition, many want to hear Will’s thoughts on his fellow BB player’s gameplay. So, what does he have to say? Check it out below. 

Why does Dr. Will believe BB players fail at The Traitors? 

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Since Dan Gheesling’s brutal banishment at the hands of Phaedra in an earlier episode, all of the Big Brother players are out of the running to take home the grand prize. So, why does Will think his fellow CBS pals don’t make it to the end? 

“Well, I don’t think it’s any secret that the four Big Brother contestants [Cody CalifioreRachel ReillyJanelle Pierzina, and Dan] on the first two seasons of The Traitors have done poorly, and I hope the fans don’t chastise me making that factual statement,” he told Entertainment Tonight

“See, I think some Big Brother players went on The Traitors to show that they “still got it” — only to realize that they actually “never had it.”

It takes an extremely unique skill set to do well on these types of shows, and anyone can get lucky once, but it’s really hard to repeat that success, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t openly wonder if the Big Brother contestants who appeared have really hurt their reality television legacies because of their poor gameplay in this series. Kind of strange to consider, but it is possible that we never see any of them on our televisions ever again. The reunion show might end up serving as their wakes.”

Will Dr. Will join Season 3 of The Traitors?

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There’s only one way to see if Will’s theory about former Big Brother players is true. Join Alan Cumming in his twisted castle for Season 3, Will. “I’d be truly honored if Mr. Cumming would invite me back,” he said. “But I was born with a bad personality and raised with a crappy attitude (I blame my parents) so I’m not for everyone. We’ll just have to wait and see!” 

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