Kiki Barth Should Be a Full-Time Housewife on RHOM

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Kiki Barth was introduced as a “friend of” the Real Housewives of Miami cast in Season 4. When she wasn’t seen during that seasons reunion, many of us were livid, thinking that perhaps, we’d never see Kiki on our screens again. Thankfully, Kiki returned for Seasons 5 and 6. Not thankfully, Kiki still remains in a lesser role. Both Kiki and her co-star Guerdy Abraira are repping Haitian woman on this Miami franchise, which we love seeing. Yet, unlike Guerdy, Kiki keeps getting denied her mojito, and we hate that for her. Kiki should be a full-time housewife on RHOM. Here’s why.

Kiki Brings Humor to RHOM


My personal favorite Real Housewives stars always seem to be the funny ones. Watching these ladies sit back and not fight, only to then add in witty commentary, well, it’s the best. Kiki is this person on the cast of RHOM.

In Season 5, Alexia Nepola threw a “lawyer luncheon.” Here, Dr. Nicole Martin asked Alexia’s hired attorney about slander and defamation lawsuits. Her question was poised to help shut up Larsa Pippen’s trap, as Larsa had been spreading rumors left and right. A big fight ensued.

“Ohhh these b*tches are crazyyyy. If I was this lawyer, walking in to this madness, I would’ve been like, order in my court. If you don’t shut the f*ck up, I’m taking everybody to jail. Can he do that?” Kiki quipped in her confessionals, adding lightness to this scene.

Most recently, our girl Kiki brought her sex toy along to Palm Beach. During this trip, Lisa Hochstein created a scavenger hunt, to help the girls get out of their drama-fueled funks. During this activity, Nicole found Kiki’s orange dildo, lamenting that she “touched it with my bare hands” to the cameras. Not ashamed, Kiki proudly stated that of course she had brought this, as she never knows what type of mood she might be in.

That wasn’t all though. Kiki then brought her dildo into her confessional, where she used it to wipe away her fake tears. “B*tches, I don’t have anything. I just have this, guys, and this doesn’t even come with money. I have to pay for this,” Kiki joked, while we died laughing.

Kiki is hysterical. We need more of her presence on RHOM.

Kiki Calls Out Problematic Behaviors on RHOM

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Lisa’s divorce is messy. We can understand her current heartbreak financial concerns now that she’s no longer married to a plastic surgeon. However, her cast, Kiki included, has all shown Lisa tons of support. Therefore, when it’s their time to share their own stuff, they expect to see this same level of friendship returned.

And yet, empathy from Lisa is nowhere to be found. I mean, we literally just watched Kiki open up to the cast about her tough childhood. In response, Lisa, whose microaggressions seem to be on the rise as of late, grossly quipped, “I can’t fix your childhood trauma. I’m not a therapist!”

This was maddening to hear as a viewer, so when Kiki went in on Lisa, we basically cheered her on from our couch. Did Kiki go too far with her clap back? We say no. Her response of “This is why I said you were selfish, and you know what’s happening with Lenny Hochstein is karma, and that is a b*tch!” was spot on, no matter how harsh it sounds.

Overall, Kiki isn’t behaving like a ‘friend of.” Instead, Kiki is playing the role of a full-timer, calling out problematic behaviors as she sees fit.

Kiki Helps To Move Storylines Along

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Typical “friend of” roles usually see the housewife not aiding much in the given storylines. They are mostly just there, throwing in a few sentences along the way. But not Kiki. Instead, she works overtime, making all of the other “friends of” look like lame props in comparison.

This season, Alexia threw a Nuevos Horizontes party, which her husband Todd Nepola failed to attend. In a following scene, Kiki went to the gym with Larsa and Alexia, where the conversation turned towards his absence. Covering for her man, Alexia stressed that all was well in their home, but Kiki had a little bomb to throw. Turning to Alexia, Kiki revealed that Adriana de Moura had been running her mouth on the way to Alexia’s party, accusing Alexia of being a an elitist and a gold-digger.

And just like that, Kiki’s revelation aided in reigniting the feud between Alexia and Adriana this season. We love a “friend of” who can move storylines along. Just imagine what Kiki could bring, were she promoted to a full-time role.

What Kiki’s Said About Becoming Full-Time

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We aren’t the only ones who wish to see more of Kiki. In fact, Kiki herself has actually spoken up on this topic. After filming Season 5, though prior to a single episode in that season’s airing, Kiki spoke to Today, who asked her if she’d like to ever transition into a full-time position. Spoiler alert: she does.

“That’s the entire goal at the end of the day. I’m very comfortable where I am. But only God knows if I ever get upgraded to a full time housewife, because I mean, why not? I will be a housewife one day. I’ll snatch somebody else’s mojito,” Kiki joked. 

You hear that, Bravo? It’s time to make the best Real Housewives cast ever. All you have to do is listen to Kiki, who wants to be promoted on RHOM. Git ‘er done, please.