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Marcus Jordan Has ‘Outburst’ at RHOM Season 5 Reunion

Oh noes! It sounds like someone had a tantrum and that someone was Marcus Jordan. What could have happened at the Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 reunion to upset poor Marcus so badly?

I’m sure this is exactly the kind of press NBA legend Michael Jordan wants for his family. Insiders are saying Marcus had a meltdown but apparently he was backstage when it happened. I don’t know if Larsa Pippen’s possibly-ex-but-probably-not boyfriend bit into a bad apple or what, but there’s video! Page Six has the details.

Marcus’ words will “change the cast’s opinion” of him

Apparently, Marcus made Big Daddy proud and ran his mouth about a bunch of enabled, affluent women who appear on a Bravo show. Wow, Bethenny, wow. This man might need a hobby immediately.

Sources allege Marcus and Larsa were off-camera during the taping of RHOM’s Season 5 reunion. The on/off/desperate-for-attention couple were having a heated conversation about Larsa’s co-stars.

“The women did not hear what Marcus said backstage and didn’t even know about the incident until after the reunion taped. But it was captured, and the ladies have been made aware of it,” someone close to production said.

While we don’t know exactly what went down, the words that came out of Marcus’ mouth were “so bad” it would “change the cast’s opinion” of him if it goes public. This was Marcus’ first reunion and he must be sensitive because he allegedly had “very strong reactions” to whatever happened during filming.

The streets are implying Marcus bad-mouthed both the cast and the show itself. A little reminder here, no one forced Marcus to appear on reality television with his girlfriend.

Everyone who isn’t Larsa is “bracing for the worst” when the RHOM reunion begins airing after the Season 5 finale next week. That said, there’s a very good chance Marcus’ outburst won’t be in the televised show.

If I had a Magic 8 Ball, it would probably say Outlook Not So Good for Marcus. What you do NOT want to do is make the Miami ladies mad.

Real Housewives of Miami airs Wednesdays at 9 PM/ET on Bravo.