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Southern Hospitality Cast on Where They Stand After a Tense Season 2

The Southern Hospitality season finale ended with a bang and Fourth of July fireworks. But with all the leftover drama, it’s surprising that there wasn’t a bigger blowout.

There were dramatic fights, hookups, disorderly conduct, and firings. A promotion caused a lot of jealousy, and viewers will never look at milk the same way again.

Let’s take a look at how the cast signed off on Season 2.

Find out how the cast left off after the finale party

Leva Bonaparte celebrated the bar’s tenth anniversary alongside her staff. Naturally, the co-owner of Republic stayed out of the drama. So the focus of the season for her was the professional accomplishment that she shared with husband, Lamar Bonaparte.

“It’s just been crazy that we went from an idea to creating this space, what we think as the epicenter of Charleston downtown,” she said as a toast.

Newbie Oisin O’Neill was a solid friend to Maddi Reese the entire season but had beef with Mia Alario and Lucia Pena in Florida thanks to a drunken tirade over volleyball. The Irish native ended the season solid with his work crew.

Grace Lilly spread her wings and dumped her boyfriend after feeling like the confines of a relationship were constricting her.

“It has been a crazy summer… and I’m just feeling this new chapter in my life,” Grace reflected in a confessional interview. “But no matter what, I will always keep it wavy baby, and I will always continue to sparkle and shine.”

Mia and Lucia were both fired from Republic, but have managed to stay in contact with the drama. Lucia got hot and heavy with Bradley Carter during the cast trip to Miami.

Bradley managed to redeem himself this season. He was able to debunk Maddi’s claim that she and several other Republic staff saw him in a compromising position in the bar’s alleyway. The friendship between the personal trainer and Maddi seems unredeemable currently.

TJ Dinch got more attention recently for his friendship with Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green. He always showed up as a sounding board and solid friend to Will Kulp.

It feels like Will is the biggest winner of the season. His move to start law school was upcoming, and his relationship with Emmy Sharrett was on solid ground.

“I feel so humbled to have support… It means the world to me, and I love all you guys,” Will said to the group.

Will the bros come to blows?

Will and Joe Bradley had the biggest feud at the finale after the latter spoke to friends of his opinion that Will and his girlfriend wouldn’t last after he started law school. After a failed attempt at explaining himself and making peace with Will, Joe said in an interview, “I don’t know where we go from here.”

Will responded, “Some people pretend to be your friends. Some people are your friends. I’m f-king over it.”

Leva promoted Emmy to Assistant General Manager of Republic after singling her out as a “leader.” Neither Joe nor Maddi could handle her success.

As for Maddi, she exerted a lot of energy on her relationship with Trevor Stokes. She moved out at the beginning of the season after suspecting him of cheating. Then she moved back in and they showed up at the finale party as a couple. Viewers were informed that they, once again, “broke up” three weeks after filming wrapped.

The Southern Hospitality Season 2 reunion airs Thursday, February 22, at 8/7c on Bravo.