Monica Garcia, Andy Cohen and Heather Gay at the RHOSLC Season 4 reunion
Photo Credit: Clifton Prescod and Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo

Heather Gay Allegedly Got Mad Over Monica Garcia Receiving Online Award Nomination

Monica Garcia made herself a household name on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4. Of course, a Housewife rarely becomes a household name without making a few enemies, and Monica’s number-one enemy presently is Heather Gay.

For those who missed it, the RHOSLC Season 4 finale broke the wall in an unprecedented manner. Heather outed Monica for co-running an Instagram page dedicated to taking down the SLC women.

In Monica’s very first season, she made a splash unlike any other Housewife ever. Love her or hate her, Monica created one of the most memorable reality TV moments in the last few years. But Heather isn’t much of a fan of the recognition Monica’s received as a result.

On the Watch What Crappens podcast, Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker discussed a bit of news around Heather. “People [are] asking why Heather Gay unfollowed us,” Ronnie said. “First of all, you guys, are we Houeswives? That you’re checking up on who’s following us and who’s not following us? That’s crazy,” he joked.

He then confirmed that Heather “did get pissed off at us … because her skin is as light as it seems to be on television. And she got very upset that we invited Monica – well, we did not invite Monica, we nominated Monica for some Crappie awards – and that set Heather off.” Heather was allegedly upset because Monica is “like, a real criminal” to her.

Ronnie then said he “tried to explain” to Heather that they would not “change [the] show” on her behalf. “You’re nice and everything but we’re still gonna do a show about Bravo whether you’re here or not, okay lady?” He conceded, “Monica is an assh*le, but she was a very popular, hilarious assh*le who gave you guys a very good season.” Got her there.

Ben added, “For us to not nominate Monica as ‘Best Newbie’ would be such … insincere bullsh*t.” He further asked if Heather would cut ties with The LA Times or Variety for their profiles on Monica. Ronnie then told Heather to “Get the f*ck outta here, lady! I bought your book twice! And listened to your ass for six hours in a row.”