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Larsa Pippen Admits One Regret During Brief Marcus Jordan Split

Larsa Pippen doesn’t seem to have many regrets in life, but perhaps she needs to rethink that sentiment. After bringing boyfriend Marcus Jordan into the world of Real Housewives of Miami to showcase her relationship, Larsa managed to overshadow her couple’s content by verbally attacking someone with cancer.

A shocking break-up with Marcus one weekend surprised many viewers but definitely not the cast. Larsa’s co-stars have speculated the split was a sham in an effort to gain publicity – or was it an act of deflection? After all, when you want people to forget about how you’ve treated an oncology patient, go with cryptic Instagram posts to spark interest elsewhere.

Suddenly Marcus and Larsa are back to happily ever after but Larsa has one regret about their brief pause. She talked about it on an episode of Two Ts In A Pod.

Was there really a split?

Unfortunately for Larsa, RHOM Season 6 isn’t going well. While Marcus has been heavily featured, fans are more concerned with the way she has treated Guerdy Abraira amid her cancer diagnosis. When confronted about her attitude, Larsa remains steadfast she is the victim.

So why not make up something for others to focus on – and in other shocking news, Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton were probably right. When Larsa went on her deleting Marcus spree, she wiped out their pics on Instagram and now she has the sads. That appears to be her one regret about their minute away from each other.

“I feel like I was very emotional, I wish I didn’t delete those photos,” Larsa began. “I didn’t even archive them, I couldn’t archive them, I just deleted them, I was just emotional and impulsive I guess. I’m a Cancer so I’m an emotional person so I feel like if you’re not loving me the right way I can distance myself and catch a beat,” she added.

Oh, I get it now. She’s one of those girls who probably posts memes comparing her astrological sign to her shitty attitude in an attempt to justify her actions. Unbeknownst to Larsa, her birth month is not the issue.

That’s the scoop, friends. Larsa and Marcus are back together but not engaged. He still has time to run.

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