Love Is Blind Season 6 - Brittany and Ken
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Love Is Blind Season 6: Why Brittany and Ken’s Relationship Ended

Netflix recently released the second batch of episodes for Love Is Blind Season 6, and it’s gotten everybody talking. Although most of the couples began experiencing difficulties once moving back home to North Carolina, it seemed like Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills had it the worst, ending things before any others. 

During one of the episodes, Brittany told her fiancée she no longer felt the “crave” for him that she did when inside the pods. Shortly after, Ken also expressed concerns about their existence as a couple. They later called off the engagement and went their separate ways. 

“Hearing that, ‘I don’t have that crave for you anymore.’ As hard as it was to hear it, I had to respect it,” Kenneth told Entertainment Tonight. “I was like, ‘No! I still crave you [and] still want you. … I’m still with you.’ I had to respect it because there’s no point of going through with it.”

Brittany and Kenneth decided they’d still be friends despite their messy Love Is Blind breakup

Love Is Blind Season 6 - Brittany and Ken
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

During an earlier episode, watchers saw Kenneth and another contestant, AD Smith, talk about the challenges Ken and Brittany would face as an interracial couple. After their “needed” conversation, it seemed that’s when Ken began drifting away from his partner. 

However, both are assuring watchers that wasn’t the case. “I think Kenneth and I being in a biracial relationship actually didn’t offer any pressure to us,” Brittany said. “It actually offered a beauty to it, in my opinion. It’s something I’m very used to, and I’m very passionate about. And while it was new to Kenneth, I think that it made him feel a bit more comfortable rather than pressure that I have experienced being in biracial relationships or interracial relationships.”

But after all was said and done, the pair couldn’t get on the right track, leading to their split. But according to Kenneth, he “did not” see it coming. Which is odd, considering he initiated it. But I digress. 

“I was so committed [and] saw my forever with Brittany. I really did,” he said. “We needed to have that moment of her being that direct with me of being like, ‘I don’t feel this way that I used to, and I need you to hear that.'” 

Love Is Blind Season 6 continues Wednesdays on Netflix.