Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4 Recap: Fraser Fights Back

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4 recap
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Welcome back to Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4. In this week’s episode, called “It’s Always Sunny in Grenada,” Cat’s lack of experience turns dinner service into a “Cat-astrophy,” and Captain Kerry’s there to see it. Cat is having difficulty fitting in with the crew, while Fraser puts Barbie on notice because she still refuses to respect her superiors anyone. While on the deck team, Sunny has beef with Ben. Here are the highlights from Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4.

“Everyone” hates Barbie

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4
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When last we left Below Deck, Fraser was telling Captain Kerry how Barbie thinks “we’re all now against her,” though he’s assured her that’s not the case. He’s tired of her “vile attitude” toward her boss, as well as her co-workers.

Even though she’s cranky, Barbie’s good at her job. Captain’s hoping Fraser can help her turn her attitude around and become an asset to the crew rather than a problem. “You don’t have to like her,” he says. “Let’s find a way for her to shine.”

Meanwhile, in their cabin, Barbie tells her roommate, Sunny, that her whole team “hates her.”

“I feel so underappreciated,” she says. “I’m doing such a good job, and all the guests love me.” Except for your attitude, sweetheart. That sucks.

Later, Barbie tells her mother on the phone, “My boss says I have a lack of respect for him, that I need to talk to him nicely.”

Her mom responds, “Your relationships with others are very important … Don’t feed into it.”

But Barbie maintains that she’s being mistreated and is constantly under attack. Poor Barbie is such a victim.

Barbie’s mom encourages her to remain calm and “don’t get angry. You’re capable of handling this.”

A wedding by a waterfall

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4 recap
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Jared and Fraser have decorated the platform next to a waterfall for the guests’ two vow renewals and a wedding. Captain Kerry is an ordained minister, so he’s marrying everybody in one fell swoop. He does all the ceremonies together, rather than one by one. That’s not very special for the couple who’s actually getting married. Seems like the other two couples should have let them have their moment.

Kerry instructs them to repeat, “I give you my hands, my heart … but not my last beer.” So romantic, Kerry!

Barbie has a little crush on Jared. While they’re cleaning up after the wedding, she outright tells him she likes him. “Did you hear what she just said?” Fraser teases. Jared’s a little “taken aback” by the honesty, but he likes it.

When Jared says she has a “twinkle in her eye,” Fraser snaps back, “I don’t know if that is. Could be tears.” That gets a giggle out of Barbie. Maybe there’s hope for their relationship yet.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Ben are like oil and water. She’s unhappy with him for calling her out over the walkie for not wearing a life jacket on the jet ski. It made her look bad in front of the captain and was a dick move on Ben’s part. He didn’t have to broadcast that over the radio.

A Cat-astrophic dinner

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4
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Fraser gives Cat the opportunity to serve at dinner since he wants her to learn. It doesn’t go well. She reaches across the captain to refill his wine glass, when she should be pouring from his right. She asks Fraser how to place the cutlery for the next course (forks on the left, knives on the right – duh) when she should already know that. As she’s clearing between courses, Captain Kerry has to remind her, “Clean his placemat,” when she fails to clear a guest’s place setting.

“Quite honestly, this is a Cat-astrophy,” Fraser comments.

“All the mistakes I’m seeing that Cat’s doing,” Kerry interviews, “it appears to me that she hasn’t been trained well enough to be doing service tonight.” Cat had better pick up the pace.

Crew night out

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4 recap
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Jared has a three-year-old daughter he’s never met. When it happened, he didn’t handle the news well that his girlfriend (now ex) was pregnant, and she returned to Alaska with the baby. He calls her every few days and talks to his daughter, but he’s never met her in person.

“I’m on a set schedule to talk to my daughter,” he tells us. “Not being able to talk because of the lack of cellular service here really puts me in a difficult way. My fear is that if I don’t maintain this schedule, [his ex] will just cut me off.” That’s a tough situation. He’s trying to do the right thing, but his job makes it difficult.

At dinner, Jared is messy drunk (possibly due to frustration about being unable to call his daughter). His inebriation kills Barbie’s crush.

“Jared’s sloppy behavior has just turned me all the way off,” she says. “It’s like one of those situations where you meet somebody, you’re on the first date, and you’re like, ‘I just met my husband!’ And then you go on the second date, and you’re like, ‘No, I did not.’”

Maybe she’ll make a move on Kyle after all. While they’re sitting on the beach having a smoke, he asks if she wants to go for “a little beach walk,” and she says, “Sure.” Goodbye, Jared. We’ll see how Kyle feels about Barbie after she dumps her “poor little Barbie” story on him.

“You’re lucky you’re working with people who are nice and respectful and not assholes to you,” she tells him. “I work my ass off. Guests love me more than anybody, but it is what it is.”

Sunny thinks Ben’s “being a dick”

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4
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At the same time, Ben and Sunny seem to be taking a romantic stroll along the beach. “How are you going?” he asks. “You enjoying it so far?”

“Yeah,” she says. “I got a little bit of, like, head bumps.”

“I mean, it’s work,” Ben responds.

“You know it’s not just work,” she says. “You’re being a dick. You just stir the pot all the time … That thing over the radio, not cool.” Whoa. Sunny doesn’t beat around the bush.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s dick, darling,” he answers. “It’s cheeky. There’s a difference between dick and cheeky.”

“Well, it comes off as you being a dick,” she persists.

“I’m cheeky, I’m Aussie,” Ben says. “It’s charismatic.” Um, not so much, “darling.”

She reminds him about his chastising her over the radio. “Not cool,” she repeats.

“You’re worried the captain’s going to hear that?” he finally acknowledges. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve gotta be thick-skinned. I’m sorry that offended you. You’re doing great, the captain loves you. You’re probably his favorite crew member at the moment, so don’t worry about that at all. You got any problems, just come let me know.” And then he pulls her in for a hug. I guess they’re cool.

Cat has a meltdown

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4
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Cat just doesn’t feel a connection with anyone on the boat. “For so many years growing up with my foster family,” she says, “I really suppressed who I actually was. Being thrown on a boat with people I don’t know, it makes you really insecure about your own self. You [wonder], ‘Oh, am I not funny enough? Am I not witty enough?’ I’m not able to, like, feel fully myself.”

Fraser realizes she’s struggling and asks, “What’s up, babes?”

“I’m just sad and tired and insecure about my personality,” she tells him.

“Why? Oh, my God, why?” he asks.

When she says she hopes she’s not “bland,” Fraser rebuts, “There’s nothing bland about you. Look at you!”

Cat’s a mess. “Cat, to me at the moment, is very much the Leaning Tower of Pisa,” Fraser interviews. “She has been through so much. No wonder why there’s a shock to the system.”

“You are beautiful, you are fun,” he tells her. “You are everything we need, and you are my most precious stew on interior. We are family for the next six weeks, okay? I’m going to be there for you at every occasion.”

“I sympathize with Cat,” Fraser confesses in his interview. “I want to be there for her, but I’ve been there before, and I know that all I really needed back then was to take a breath, to get myself together, and to come back. And that’s what I’m gonna do for her.”

“F*cking bring it, or go home”

Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4 recap
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Later at the bar, Fraser tells Barbie, “We’ve just gotta be fragile with her.” Again he calls Barbie out on her attitude, saying, “I can’t deal with that.”

“You’re a little sassy, too,” she says.

“No, no, wait. I don’t have sass,” Fraser tells her. “When stuff needs to be done, it needs to get done. And if it’s not done greatly, I’m gonna get angry.”

“And I’m not ‘yes, sir’ and ‘no, sir.’ That’s bullsh*t,” she snaps. Yikes! That’s your boss you’re talking to, girl. Show some respect.

“Here we go yet again,” Fraser says in an interview. “I don’t care how good of a stew you are. Where do you get off that this attitude and this approach towards your superior is going to work out for you?”

“You can f*ck off. You want to go against me,” Fraser tells her, “it’s gonna be sh*tty. F*cking bring it, or go home.”

Alrighty, then. Change your attitude, girl. You just can’t talk to your boss that way. Maybe your daddy applauded every little thing you ever did, but nobody else in this world is going to do that. So grow up, do your job, and start showing some respect for others.

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