The Most Iconic Below Deck Catchphrases

(Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

As Below Deck fans know, watching any given reality show is like being in on one big inside joke. There are few things more satisfying than hearing something in your daily life that reminds you of a quotable line from your show, muttering the reference under your breath, and then having someone else in the room whip around to look at you and say “omg, you watch that too?!”

The beloved Bravo nautical reality show Below Deck is no exception when it comes to being full of quotable catchphrases. It’s not only fun to watch, but it’s full of memorable one-liners that fans love to repeat over and over. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Below Deck catchphrases below.

“I’m madder than a pissed-on chicken”


The very quotable Captain Lee Rosbach is well-known for his many epic one-liners, and this hilarious simile is one of them. Who could forget when Captain Lee exclaimed, “I’m madder than a pissed-on chicken!” The revered boat captain uttered this phrase to express his anger, and consequently has Below Deck fans saying it as well when they’re mad about something in their daily lives. The line is so famous that it’s even featured on merchandise sold online.

We would imagine that a chicken—or anyone, really—would be pretty upset if they were, um, pissed on. Somehow, the fact that it’s a chicken and not anything else just makes this saying extra funny. Also, everyone knows what it’s like to be so angry that only a ridiculous expression can explain the sentiment. We feel you, Captain Lee!

“It’s my deck now, buddy boy”


This phrase was said by EJ Jansen on Below Deck Season 5, but fans now apply this quote to all sorts of situations. Although EJ was obviously referring to a yacht deck, franchise fans took to Reddit to explain other ways they use the quote that definitely doesn’t involve a boat

For example, Reddit user tremens said they use this iconic catchphrase, “literally any time my wife leaves me alone in the house.” This comment prompted other users to explain times they love to utter EJ’s infamous phrase as well. Many felt that “buddy boy” is the funniest bit of the quote. It’s definitely one of the most iconic Below Deck catchphrases.

“You are an absolute oxygen thief”


Deckhand Travis Michalzik from Below Deck Mediterranean famously called Chef Mila Kolomeitseva an “absolute oxygen thief” when she made a homophobic comment. Chef Mila noted Travis’ nose piercing, and then added that only gay men had nose piercings. The chef explained that she didn’t support homosexuality, noting that she wouldn’t want to see two grown men kissing. That’s OK, Mila, they don’t want you watching either!

Travis was enraged by Mila’s opinions on homosexuality. As he put it, he felt that her thoughts on gay men showed “her opinion on humanity.” He let it be known that he did not support her comments, and then famously followed that up by calling Mila “an absolute oxygen thief.” It was an iconic moment for many reasons, and provided Below Deck viewers with a hilarious phrase to add to their repertoire.

“Eat My Cooter”


Chef Rachel Hargrove notoriously quit during Below Deck Season 8 upon hearing demands from a charter guest that she found ridiculous. Right before she walked off, she uttered the now-famous line, “eat my cooter!” Fans already loved Rachel, so they especially loved this hilarious line. It perfectly sums up what many of us wish we could say to people when they make us mad. The impressive chef now even makes Cameo videos for fans including the iconic line when requested. 

“I’m as serious as a heart attack”

(Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

There’s nobody better to round up our quote list than the beloved Captain Lee Rosbach. Known as one of the sassiest Below Deck captains ever, Captain Lee always ran a tight ship and gave hilarious commentary about it as well. As seen above, the Captain loves a good simile. What better way to express your seriousness than comparing your feelings to a heart attack?!