Why RHOA Fans Will Miss Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Marlo Hampton didn’t always hold a juicy peach right away as she first appeared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta as a “friend of” in Season 4. It wasn’t until Season 14 that she snagged her fruit after finally accepting a full-time role. I’m going to go out on a limb and say most viewers loved Marlo as an addition because she brought some drama along with her. But unfortunately, Marlo won’t be returning. Here’s why fans will miss her presence.

Fans Were Obsessed With Marlo

Marlo Hampton/Instagram

Obviously, I mean obsessed in the most positive way! I was obsessed with her being an ex-convict who preached etiquette. While I do think her storyline with her nephews was sweet, I liked her more as a “friend of.” In the earlier days when she was in that role, she could easily stir the pot while she sat back and watched chaos ensure. But when Marlo became a full-time cast member, she had to deal with the chaos that she had obviously caused and couldn’t really keep up with the rest of the ATL women. 

Marlo’s ability to go in for the kill when insulting the other ladies made her a Real Housewives assassin. She couldn’t just be low-key shady. She had to go for the jugular, usually with some elementary school comebacks. But she was hilarious and lived for trolling the girls only to see how bothered they became. For me, this is what made Marlo a perfect addition to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was always willing to let issues go (mostly because it was her actions that caused the conflict). Marlo was also one hell of a strategist and had some of the BEST confessionals. 

If Looks Could Kill

Marlo Hampton/Instagram

Marlo was one of the few Real Housewives stars who it made sense to have a glam squad since it was part of her personality. She created a living off of her physical appearance. I think she gets more beautiful with age. Many viewers also fell in love with her dress sense and her hairstyles. For me, at least, she is one of the only housewives that I follow on social media purely for her fashionista looks. Her business, Le’ Archive, has even been featured on Vogue. Yes, that Vogue! 

Her business plan was pretty solid as she started with her own closet collection at him and later branched out to more sizes and styles. It made total sense since Marlo had a lot of unique and vintage pieces to find sets that were willing to spend exorbitantly to rent them. The move was smart. It never occurred to me that luxury pieces could be used for shows or movies. But Marlo found a way to combine making money with her passion for fashion. I dare say I was hoping for Marlo to be the first housewife at the MET Gala. 

Marlo Bought Awareness to Foster Children

Marlo Hampton/Instagram

Marlo has always been very open about the time she spent in foster homes growing up, and once she was given a peach, she made an effort to give back to a cause that was so close to her heart.

She founded Glam it Up in 2011 in hopes of helping young women and girls pursue their dreams despite their circumstances. Marlo also founded Simply Giving, which is a mission aimed at providing meals to families in need during major holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving.  

Marlo Says Goodbye

Marlo Hampton/Instagram

Just shortly after Porsha Williams revealed she would be returning for Season 16, Marlo made a little announcement of her own. Along with a photo of herself and two nephews, she wrote, “My contract with Real Housewives of Atlanta ended when season 15 wrapped. This break from RHOA is a fresh start, allowing me the space to participate in new creative entertainment projects focused on my future and not reliving my past.”

Marlo mentioned that her two nephews were at an important stage of their lives and signed off by noting, “I look forward to my continued relationship with Bravo and NBC Universal. I wish Truly Original and the RHOA cast all the best.”