Danielle Olivera on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Danielle Olivera ‘99 Percent Sure’ Joe Bradley and Luann de Lesseps Hooked Up

Summer House star Danielle Olivera has finally addressed her former relationship with Southern Hospitality’s own Joe Bradley

The pair hit it off after connecting during BravoCon 2023. Shortly after, Joe and Danielle hard-launched their fling during a Watch What Happens Live appearance with Andy Cohen. Months later, news broke that Joe was “pressing the brakes” on his situationship with Danielle. The timing was interesting since another report claimed he and Luann de Lesseps were spotted getting handsy at The Dream Hotel in New York. 

During the SoHo Season 2 reunion, TJ Dinch told the rest of the group he was “99 percent” sure that Joe hooked up with Luann. Joe fired back, denying the claims and telling his former bestie to “f*ck off.” But Danielle could feel the same?

Danielle spills the tea

During her recent WWHL appearance last week, Andy asked Danielle about Joe and Luann’s touchy filming weeks prior and TJ’s revelation during the reunion. 

“I also am 99 percent sure,” she said before telling the Bravo patriarch that Joe and Luann’s WWHL taping was “wildly uncomfortable to watch.” 

“There’s so much that happened after that,” she said. “The lying. I mean, Joe stayed at my apartment for two nights after the alleged sleepover. He lied to my face and said like, ‘Absolutely not, I would never do such a thing.’”

But she wasn’t relying on her spidey senses alone to snuff out Joe’s alleged lies. “Joe had shared his location with me. The night of the alleged sleepover, I had been with some friends in West Village, and I was just kind of like, you know, checking in, and I saw him going to the Upper East Side. And I was just like, I literally texted, I was like, ‘It looks like you’re going to make a mistake.’ And he said, ‘Absolutely not, I’m just going to go meet up with my college buddies.”

Danielle later added that Joe slept over at his college friend’s place before returning to her apartment the next day. They spent two more days together before Danielle left for Los Angeles and ended things with him then. 

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