Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap: A Camp Divided

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
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Welcome back! Let’s dive right into the Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, Episode 2 recap. Last time, the Banker welcomed 13 guests to his tropical island. After landing at the bottom, Aron went against the Banker and won $600,000 for the final case. And he sent Brantzen home. This week’s episode, titled “Are You Calculating?” features some unexpected highs for the players. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, Episode 2!

Alliances are forming

Aron reflected on his win against the Banker. He has a learning disability and a stutter, but he wanted to be seen as a true competitor, and an inspiration to others. Boston Rob touched base with Aron, who he thinks of as a little brother. Rob will handle dealing with the big groups, and Aron will handle “the little stuff.” I don’t know what stuff Rob is referring to, but I’m sure Rob has it all under control.

The dynamic duo discussed what a threat Kim is in the game. Meanwhile, Kim is a reality TV fanatic, so she knows how Rob plays. She was pushing to get Rob out because he was a huge threat. But Jamil wasn’t enthused about her plan, so now Kim has doubts about him.

There seem to be two groups at camp. Rob’s merry band includes Jamil, Aron, Nick, Claudia, and Miranda. Jamil spilled all the tea to Rob about Kim’s plan. Meanwhile, Kim’s group includes Alyssa, Amy, Dawson, and Jordan. Kim told her group that Jamil was sus.

But Alyssa decided to play both sides of the camp. So, she cozied up to Aron. He told her that she was the person that he felt closest to on the island. Does that spell trouble for Aron’s big bro?

Are the Banker’s guests “calculating?”

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
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Joe welcomed the group to the Banker’s private recreation club. This challenge will test “how calculating” the players can be. The group will be split into pairs. Each duo will have a hunter and gatherer. The hunter will shoot at disks, with the smaller sizes attached to cases with the highest value. The catch?

The arrows were shot high up into the trees. Each team can climb up and retrieve up to 10 arrows. The team that shoots down the case with the highest value is safe from elimination. If a player shoots down the case with the lowest value or runs out of arrows, they will be in the bottom two.

But the devious Banker wasn’t done. Above the arrows was another personal offer. A player could grab it and claim $20,000 in cash. But, doing so might slow the team down. Decisions, decisions.

Jamil wanted to win the money so he could woo back his former wife. He made mistakes as a husband, so he wanted to win the money to create a better life for her and their kids. He is on a mission to get his wife back.

The Teams

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
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The contestants selected colored armbands to determine the partnerships. The teams are:

  • Dawson and Jordan
  • Kim and Alyssa
  • Boston Rob and Aron
  • Claudia and Jamil
  • Nick and Stephanie
  • Amy and Miranda

Welcome to the jungle!

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
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Aron was having a hard time, and Rob was worried about how long it was taking. Climbing and rappelling down these high trees looks absolutely miserable. Aron was the last one to return, and he retrieved three arrows for Rob. Kudos to Aron for his determination.

Alyssa was the second to last person out of the trees, but she claimed a personal offer. She decided to keep it a secret. Good idea.

Whose arrows missed the mark?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Dawson bragged about having his own crossbow, but his firing was way off. And Rob was only aiming for the $1.5 million.

Finally, Kim and Rob were both down to their last arrows. Kim missed, so if Rob shoots down a case, Alyssa and Kim will be in the bottom two. And not only does he get a case – he gets the $1.5 million!

“Boston Robinhood with his last arrow hits the $1.5 million and takes control of the game,” Joe exclaimed. Meanwhile, Kim started to weep in Alyssa’s arms. I’m sure Alyssa was rethinking her alliance strategy and thinking of joining Team Robinhood.

So, that means that Rob and Aron will decide whether Kim or Alyssa will face the Banker in The Temple. I wonder who they will pick. Just kidding!

Back at camp, Alyssa confided in Aron that she took the personal offer. But Rob was annoyed when he found out that Aron told Alyssa that she was safe. He warned Aron that now everyone would know, and he needed to stop showing his cards.

Jamil, Nick, and Claudia feel that if Kim beats the banker, she will target one of them. Kim carried on and cried at camp to everyone who would listen. In their tent, Kim was crying to Claudia. But the former Deal or No Deal suitcase model noted that she saw no tears. Or as Claudia so eloquently put it, “Those are some dry-ass tears.”

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC

Kim Mattina faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2.

Kim joined Joe at the podium. “This could be the end of an opportunity for me, but I may be joining them in a matter of minutes and keep going for the money and kick their ass,” Kim stated. Shots fired! Rob remarked that her words were “a little aggressive.”

Joe asked Kim what she would do if she won the final case. Kim explained that she just lost her job. So this was a much-needed opportunity.

For her case, Kim selected case number five. For the first round, Kim selected six cases. She immediately knocked off the two lowest numbers. Her luck changed and she lost three of the four highest cases. When the Banker called and offered her $123,000, everyone liked the offer. But Kim was insulted by it and turned it down.

The group was not happy with Kim’s decision. Claudia told Kim that she made a mistake. The $1.5 million was still there, and Kim kept pointing to that fact.

The Banker upped his offer to $225,000. Claudia wanted Kim to play another round so that she would be eliminated. But Kim took the deal, which added $225,000 to the final case. She opened her case, and it held $100.00. So, not only is Kim safe, but she will decide who will go home.

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 2?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 2 Recap
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Jamil Sipes was the second player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

Kim sent Jamil home. In her confessional, Kim said that Jamil was “covertly sneaky,” unlike Claudia, who was “directly sneaky.” And not knowing what Jamil was thinking was a threat to Kim.

Joe asked if Jamil had any final words. “I can’t wait to see which one of you guys make a lot of money because it’s going to be somebody here,” he said. During a group hug, Claudia told Jamil, “I’m going to get her for you.” Watch out, Kim!

During his final confessional, Jamil stated, “I didn’t think that I was on anybody’s radar. But then when I realized that Kim was going to be on the bottom…damn! Even though I didn’t win a million dollars, it’s possible that my ex-wife would take me back. She was never really money motivated,” he added. Fingers crossed, Jamil!

Afterward, Claudia was disturbed by Kim’s decision to target Jamil. “It really feels ugly to me, and I don’t appreciate it,” she remarked. And now she has her sights set on sending Kim home.

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Mondays at 10 PM/ET on NBC.