Love Is Blind Season 6 Finale Predictions

Love Is Blind Season 6 finale
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Love Is Blind Season 6 is almost over, with only the finale and reunion yet to air. While five couples got engaged in the pods, only three couples made it to the altar. These three couples include Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre, AD Smith and Clay Gravesande, and Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell.

There are a lot of ways that these three weddings could go, and viewers have no idea what to expect. Here are all of our predictions for the Love Is Blind Season 6 finale, let’s dive in!

Who Will Stay Together?

Every season of Love Is Blind has seen at least one couple get married at the altar, and it is unlikely that Season 6 will be any different. At this point, the only couple we are confident will stay together is Amy and Johnny.

Amy and Johnny have been the season’s strongest couple from the jump, which even their fellow cast members have recognized. They were the first couple to get engaged in the pods, after developing a fast connection. In the real world, Amy and Johnny faced notably less drama than their fellow couples. The couple got on great with one another’s families, and Johnny even got Amy’s fathers blessing to marry her.

The main concern for Amy and Johnny so far has been Amy not being on birth control. While Amy and Johnny both want kids, they have agreed on not having them for a few years. Is the birth control conversation one that could throw a spanner in the works? This issue can be easily fixed, so it is unlikely that it will make either Amy or Johnny say no at the altar. But, stranger things have happened…

Who Will Split?

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AD and Clay have faced a lot of obstacles with their relationship in the real world, which seem like too much to overcome. The couple has had a difficult time adjusting to one another’s schedules. Clay works long hours, while AD’s schedule is more relaxed. AD has expressed frustration with Clay’s schedule on multiple occasions. Plus, it doesn’t seem like he’s willing to change it.

Another issue on Clay’s side of the relationship is his fear of cheating on AD after marriage. Clay has expressed that due to growing up with a father who cheated on his mother, he worries that he would do the same. It does not seem like Clay has done any work to address this worry. My guess is that AD may say yes, but that Clay will most likely say no.

It also seems unlikely that Chelsea and Jimmy will get married. Their relationship in the real world has been incredibly tumultuous. Chelsea and Jimmy began facing drama as soon as they stepped out of the pods. Chelsea felt like Jimmy didn’t show her enough love, while he claimed that he was showing way more than he was used to. Jimmy’s other pod connection, Jessica Vestal, has also been a touchy subject for the couple.

Furthermore, Chelsea and Jimmy have had a lot of fights while living together, including one that caused Jimmy to leave for the night. One of these fights ignited after Chelsea confronted Jimmy about sleeping with one of his female friends in the past. Chelsea had previously met the friend, and felt uncomfortable that Jimmy was still so close to her. My guess is that both Chelsea and Jimmy will say no at the altar, although it is possible one of them could say yes.

Will There Be Any Drama?

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Love Is Blind would not be Love Is Blind without any drama. There are several aspects to the couples storylines that could cause drama during the finale. As usual, Chelsea and Jimmy are the couple most likely to engage in drama. Episode 11 left off on a cliffhanger, where Chelsea is seen contemplating if she wants to marry Jimmy.

Furthermore, it is a big possibility that Jess could still be a problem for the couple. Jimmy seemed to really like Jess when they spoke at the cast party, so it is possible that she could still tear him and Chelsea apart. While we don’t know exactly what drama the finale will bring, we’re sure there’ll be some!

The Love Is Blind Season 6 finale is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, March 6 from 3 a.m. ET.