Why Love Is Blind Season 6 Is a Must-Watch


Love Is Blind Season 6 hard launched on Valentine’s Day, and did not disappoint! Season 6 is already way better than past seasons of Love Is Blind (looking at you Season 5!). After a few rocky seasons, Season 6 has put Love Is Blind back on track in all the right ways. From likable couples to intriguing drama, here are all the reasons why Love Is Blind Season 6 is an absolute must watch!

Season 6 Has Couples Worth Rooting For

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One of the best parts about Season 6 so far is that most of the couples are actually likable. Season 5, for instance, really failed viewers on this front. Season 5 only had three couples that got engaged in the Pods. Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce broke up immediately afterward, and theirs wasn’t the only relationship to fizzle out. Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder were incompatible from the jump, and Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez did not capture the attention of viewers either.

Thankfully, Season 6 is already making up for the mess that Season 5 was. Season 6 saw five couples get engaged inside the pods, which is on par with earlier seasons. Amy Tiffany and Johnny McIntyre were the first couple to get engaged this season, who will hopefully make it to the altar. Amy and Johnny were not involved in any drama, and instead built a genuine connection inside the pods.

Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham, who share similar values, are another couple worth rooting for this season. Brittany and Kenneth formed their connection based on their love of God, and it is clear they have a lot in common. Like Amy and Johnny, Brittany and Kenneth were not involved in any drama or love triangles in the pods.

Finally, despite their ups and downs so far, Amber “AD” Desiree and Clay Gravesande are another likable couple this season. Despite a rocky start in the pods, AD and Clay seem to have a real connection and attraction to one another in the real world. While the couple is not perfect, their relationship seems strong enough to successfully make it to the altar.

The Chelsea-Trevor-Jimmy-Jessica Love Star Is Fascinating

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While the drama on Love Is Blind can be insufferable at times, the drama on Season 6 is prime entertainment. One of the most dramatic aspects of the first few episodes was a “love star” between Chelsea Blackwell, Jimmy Presnell, Jessica Vestal, and Trevor Sova.

Chelsea and Jessica both developed a strong connection with Jimmy in the pods, who struggled to choose between the two women. At the same time, Chelsea was also exploring a connection with Trevor, who admitted that he loved her. Ultimately, Jimmy and Chelsea decided that they wanted to be together, leaving Jessica and Trevor heartbroken. However, Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship has not been the smoothest post pods.

Based on a sneak peek of the rest of the season at the end of Episode 6, we know that Jessica and Trevor will be returning. Jimmy is seen telling Jessica that she is still his number one choice, while Chelsea seems elated to meet Trevor face to face. This will certainly be interesting to watch, and will add some much needed spice to Jimmy and Chelsea’s tedious story line.

The Jeramey-Laura-Sarah Ann Love Triangle Is Compelling Too

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Another interesting love triangle on Season 6 took place between Jeramey Lutinski, Laura Dadisman, and Sarah Ann. Jeramey established a strong connection with both Laura and Sarah, but ultimately decided to propose to Laura. After arriving in the Dominican Republic, however, their connection hit a roadblock when they got into a fight on night one. This resulted in Jeramey claiming he wanted to go home, which left Laura shocked.

From the teaser at the end of Episode 6, we know that Sarah will be returning as well. Before leaving the pods, she told Jeramey that they would see each other eventually, and she was right. After Sarah’s return, it seems like Jeramey will once again get quite attached to her. This will put his relationship with Laura in serious jeopardy, so it will be interesting to see how this love triangle plays out!

Love Is Blind Season 6 has already captivated viewers, and the best is surely yet to come!