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The Traitors: Are Peter Weber and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu Dating?

Was there a love connection that sparked in the castle during Season 2 of The Traitors? Fans are convinced that Peter Weber and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu are dating after seemingly finding a series of breadcrumbs they left on social media. Is there any truth to the rumors, or is everyone just reading too far into this? Let’s look at the evidence.

A Faithful connection?

After getting killed off and banished from The Traitors, Peter and Ekin-Su suddenly started getting super close on social media. That fueled the speculation of a romance, but as Page Six reported, it was Peter’s mom Barbara who seemingly blew their cover.

If you watched Peter’s season of The Bachelor, then you know that Barbara likes to get involved with her son’s life. That hasn’t changed, and fans spotted Barbara dropping comment after comment under Ekin-Su’s photos. In one picture, she commented, “Absolutely stunning.” Under another photo of Ekin-Su, Barbara dropped a series of heart emojis. Later, Barbara posted a picture of herself with Ekin-Su and Peter’s sister-in-law. It’s giving future mother-in-law energy.

Outside of Barbara’s cute comments on Ekin-Su’s posts, there’s even more compelling evidence pointing towards a possible relationship between the two reality stars.

The Sun pointed out how Ekin-Su and Peter were recently positing pictures with Bella Thorne. That probably sounds extremely random to some people, but Peter and Bella have been longtime family friends. Based on the pictures they shared, it seems like Ekin-Su got welcomed into the group as well.

Ekin posed for photos with Bella and her entire family. Peter was also there, and everyone was all smiles. On the post, Ekin commented with a heart emoji. Bella’s mom replied, “Can’t wait to see when you get back.”

To recap, Ekin-Su is suddenly in the good graces of Peter’s mom, Peter’s bestie, and Peter’s bestie’s mom. If these two aren’t dating, we’d be surprised. Plus, it seems like some of their castmates from The Traitors Season 2 are now hinting at a possible romance.

The Traitors cast weighs in

When Peter’s mom posted the picture with Ekin-Su, Trishelle Cannatella commented underneath and wrote, “Family pic ❤️.” What does Trishelle know that we don’t?

Then, Johnny Bananas added to the speculation when he made a comment about some “entertaining videos” between Peter and Ekin-Su. Us Weekly shared the details.

The three of them posed together in an Instagram Stories video, which Ekin-Su thought was a picture. In the clip, you can hear her say, “Oh, it’s a video.” Then, Johnny quipped, “This is probably only going to be half as entertaining as the videos you guys have probably already filmed.”

Peter laughed while Ekin-Su looked less than impressed at Johnny’s comment. Later, she posted another picture with Johnny and Peter and captioned it, “Love you all.”

All of the writing is on the wall that there’s romance in the air between Peter and Ekin-Su, but neither of them has publicly commented on the rumors. Every outlet has asked, but they’re staying quiet. However, they did just sit down with Andy Cohen for the Season 2 Traitors reunion. Perhaps we’ll get some answers there.

And, Ekin-Su just entered the Celebrity Big Brother UK house. Let’s hope she shares details of her rumored new romance with her housemates!

The Traitors Season 2 continues on Thursdays on Peacock.