Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3 Recap: Where Do Guerdy and Larsa Stand?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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And so, Season 6 comes to an end with The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion, Part 3. Things ended on a sour note last week with Larsa still trying to defend her behavior in the face of Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis. Lisa also came under fire for the non-stop talk of her divorce, and Nicole over the Mamacita brunch. Will the Housewives end the reunion at each other’s throats? Find out in the RHOM Reunion, Part 3 recap.

Guerdy says Larsa’s apologies are “show and tell”

We picked up where we left off, with Larsa and Guerdy arguing about their friendship. Larsa was still hung up on Guerdy calling her “fake,” to which Guerdy said, “You are. You want to see a before and after picture?” Larsa threatened to use a before and after photo as well, which Guerdy implied was a moot point since she’d only had a tummy tuck and her breast surgery.

Andy Cohen asked how Lisa felt about her friend telling everyone about Guerdy’s diagnosis. Lisa said she condemned Larsa but also pointed out that Larsa felt terrible after the fact (Oh yeah? Would’ve been nice to see that remorse at some point). Guerdy mocked Larsa’s alleged remorse and then called Lisa a “mascot,” which had Kiki and Marysol silently dying.

Alexia asked if Larsa ever considered having an in-person one-on-one with Guerdy. Larsa said that Guerdy would never give her a chance and just shut Alexia down completely. Andy pointed out that Larsa called Nicole to ask if Guerdy’s diagnosis was real. Larsa defended that move by saying she just wanted to know what was going on. Nicole seemed to imply there was a miscommunication somewhere between everyone.

Andy then asked if Larsa felt Guerdy used her diagnosis to garner sympathy. Larsa admitted that she was hurt by her characterization – taking the information and doing something malicious with it. Guerdy, in tears, said, “No one can try to tell me that I weaponized cancer. I tried to normalize my life.”

The question from Andy then became what Larsa would need to do to earn a friendship with Guerdy once again. Guerdy called Larsa’s apologies “show and tell.” Larsa felt there was nothing more she could say or do.

Kiki becomes emotional over her personal life

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3
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With nowhere left to go, the discussion moved over to Kiki. As it turned out, Kiki found herself a man with whom she was extremely happy. In harder news to swallow, Kiki explained her familial situation, sharing that her father essentially found a new family and left her mother alone when he moved to the U.S. As she recounted having to work in high school, she became emotional. “I have to still provide for my mother,” she revealed.

The conversation then switched to Kiki’s swim week event and how almost all of her friends bailed on the afterparty. Some of the girls started offering up excuses, and Kiki acknowledged and validated some. But it was still “painful” for her. Kiki unexpectedly began crying as she compared her life to that of her co-stars.

“I never really throw anything, you know?” she said. She explained how she’d never even thrown a birthday party for her kids because she lacked the opportunity. She was too busy saving for her children’s futures. Julia offered some comfort to Kiki, explaining how deeply she related to her as a single mother from another country trying to make it as a model.

Everyone was happy to know the new Kiki and her friends said they’d plan a big celebration for her children in the coming fall.

The real finances of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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After a brief homage to the city of Miami, Andy noted that real estate was up more than ever. Alexia pointed out that everyone in the world was coming to Miami. As for the status of Nicole’s new house, Anthony said that everything would be ready in early April, just in time for the new baby.

Speaking of finances, one fan wrote in to express their disbelief at the allowance Larsa gave her daughter each month. Larsa confirmed she was 15 and getting $2,500 a month. Larsa defended the decision, saying the money was for food, Ubers, and gifts for friends. Furthermore, Sophia made her own money doing photoshoots, so she wasn’t learning to be dependent. Hmm.

Adriana said that despite Larsa’s faults, she was a good mom. Andy responded, “That’s a double-edged sword.” Indeed. Larsa said she felt she’d “taken a beating” the whole season, which Guerdy said was deserved.

The talk of finances continued with Andy asking how much a jar of organic jam should cost. Julia laughed at her own naivety and explained everything that went into producing the jam, including chicken feed to produce the fertilizer for the guava trees. She also said she saw premium bottles of jam worth $50 online, to which Kiki asked if they came with vibrators.

Julia’s torn friendships with Alexia and Adriana

With Julia as the topic of discussion, they briefly touched on the opera night. Andy shared how much he loved it – how it was one of his favorite things across all his years of Housewives. When asked if Julia had a future career in music, Adriana gave a roundabout no, but still sent some love in Julia’s direction.

From there, Julia discussed the pull between her friends, Adriana and Alexia. Julia said she felt loyal to both of them. A fan asked Adriana if she felt Alexia’s friendship with Julia was genuine. Adriana compared it to Mean Girls, saying Julia was impressionable to the plastics. Marysol and Alexia accused Adriana of being the one to twist the “impressionable” Julia. For her part, Julia gave Alexia every benefit of the doubt.

Marysol even confessed that Alexia was more fond of Julia than her presently. Lisa and Larsa admitted on Watch What Happens Live that they believed Julia and Alexia’s friendship wouldn’t last. Nevertheless, they were proven wrong.

As for Julia’s future plans, an adoption was still on the table. She said she would be all too happy with a girl. However, the couple decided they would give it a year.

Larsa and Alexia’s beef over tequila

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3
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From there, the group began discussing Mexico, starting with Larsa and Alexia’s bizarre argument over the former’s business ventures. Alexia said she didn’t even know about Larsa’s tequila brand; it felt very out of the blue. When Larsa asked for her friends to jump in, they admitted that they also hadn’t heard of it. Alexia said this was a good example of Larsa’s lying habits.

Adriana said she remembered Larsa having talked about it, and Nicole conceded that maybe she misremembered. The conversation devolved into inaudible arguments. Lisa commended her friend for her business ventures. When things calmed for a moment, Guerdy pointed out that Larsa pushed a lot of products.

Part of the original argument was Larsa’s claim that she didn’t “have a Todd.” Andy asked if that was hypocritical given that Larsa had been with Scottie Pippen for so long. Larsa deflected and cited Alexia’s ex.

Does Lisa regret her actions toward Kiki?

That was where that conversation ended, with Andy wanting to move to the gondola ride. When asked, Lisa admitted she regretted feeding the dogs. Lisa became slightly emotional, reminding everyone she’d had a tough day beforehand. Kiki shook her head. “It was very disrespectful,” Kiki said. She felt that Lisa escalated the situation when all Kiki had said was “That was not nice.”

Kiki again said that Lisa had a lack of self-awareness and respect for others, especially her. She blamed Lisa for looking down on others. Lisa denied that vehemently and Guerdy tried to get her to understand Kiki’s perspective. Guerdy and Andy pointed out that Lisa had committed multiple microaggressions against Kiki. In the back room, Jody felt that Lisa was misunderstood but Marcus understood why Kiki would’ve been triggered.

Kiki reminded Lisa that she didn’t even know her kids’ names before the season ended. Andy similarly pointed out that Lisa responded to Kiki’s trauma by saying “I’m not a therapist.” Lisa conceded, “My delivery was terrible.” Andy asked, “Your delivery or the statement?” She agreed with both “the delivery and the words.”

As for whether they could move on, Kiki said they could take baby steps. She and Lisa resolved that they would get to know each other more.

Where the Miami Housewives stand post-reunion

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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With that, it was time to wrap things up. Adriana revealed that she’d continue working with Emilio, and she had a tour planned for the coming year. Nicole was looking forward to buying adorable outfits for her coming daughter. Lisa felt she was moving to a better place, especially now that she was out of the house.

Larsa also felt that she was living her best life with her children thriving. Marysol was glad to have been married across multiple countries in her 50s, living life her way. Kiki felt it was gratifying to have her friends get to know her better. Julia was glad to know that her friends could change. She also felt happy about her changes – except for her unchanging belief that Larsa’s butt wasn’t real.

The awkward comment raised a laugh from Adriana. Larsa retorted by saying she didn’t understand Julia’s relationship with Martina, considering Julia allegedly told Alexia that she liked black men. Julia said Alexia was not the only one to know that. Right. Moving on.

Alexia felt content with her present circumstances, wanting to improve things with Nicole. On that note, Larsa called out Alexia for her hypocrisy, saying she was the only one in the group who didn’t acknowledge her lies. This spiraled into an argument with Nicole laughing about an argument during the farewell. Andy indulged Alexia, asking who the liars in the group were. Alexia named Adriana, Nicole, and Larsa.

Guerdy and Larsa finally make up

Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 3
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Upon moving on to Guerdy, Andy said she had “summitted the mountain that is cancer.” Guerdy was grateful for her new life perspective. She encouraged herself and her friends to “give each other the benefit of the doubt.” She further encouraged everyone to put themselves in each other’s shoes.

 Larsa decided to stand up and offer her a hug. The two embraced and, miraculously, that seemed to be the end of it. For now (Felt a little bit out of nowhere, no?).

Adriana read from the Bible, reading from Ecclesiastes, saying that all come from dust and to dust all return. She felt humbled by that fact. Nicole pointed out that the group had a great deal to look forward to. Guerdy was cancer-free, Frankie was thriving, Kiki’s new boyfriend, Adriana’s singing career, etc.

The group brought out another shot of tequila to end. To close things out, Julia and her opera partner Jonathan did a surprise duet of Ave Maria.

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