Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 Reunion, Part 2 Recap: RHOM’s Victims and Villains

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And we’re back with The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion, Part 2. Last time, the ladies called out Larsa for her toxic behavior, with an accusation that she threatened others with image-harming press releases. Specifically, Larsa leveled a threat of drug use at Alexia, with guests allegedly using at her wedding. This led to a heated argument in the dressing rooms. Where did things go from there? Find out in this RHOM Reunion, Part 2 recap.

Larsa and Alexia are going at it

Things picked up right where they left off, with Larsa and Alexia throwing verbal darts in the dressing rooms. Everyone could hear the shouting. They argued about how honest and open they were. Nicole compared it to the barking in a dog pound.

The argument got so sidetracked, turning to Todd, Larsa’s charity event, and Alexia’s birthday. Guerdy mocked Larsa on her way back to set. The argument was finally interrupted by production who guided the shouting ladies back to the couches.

After that, a moment of levity was in order. Lisa informed the ladies that she’d been asked to do a dildo commercial at some point. She suggested that Kiki do it since “she likes dildos.” Lisa said it paid $10k and Kiki was on board. As to how many dildos she owned, she said, “a few.”

Where does Lisa stand amid her divorce?

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From there, we got back into the swing of things. A fan wrote in to ask Lisa if her kids still thought Jody was their gay uncle. Behind the scenes, Jody’s smile cracked for a moment. But Lisa assured everyone that her kids knew exactly who he was now, “and they love him.” As it turned out, Logan knew all along.

As for the divorce situation, Lisa said, “It’s gotten significantly worse.” Lisa claimed that Lenny “has it out” for her. Andy Cohen pointed out that the police were repeatedly involved over the past few months. Lisa explained the incidents, one of which involved Lenny’s current partner walking around the house in lingerie, prompting Lisa’s mother and aunt to call the police when things escalated.

Lisa did admit, however, that despite how bad things had gotten, she felt ‘liberated.’ The girls celebrated. Andy pointed out that Lisa was now living in a $32,000-a-month condo, which Jody was paying for, at least in part. Marysol shed fake tears. Lisa explained that her settlement agreement dictated that she live a certain distance from her kids, which she was on board with.

In discussing the house that Lenny promised to build, Lisa reported that Lenny legally had to build it. In more bad news for Lenny, Lisa was also allowed to live with Jody.

Andy then brought up the Palm Beach trip where Lisa felt attacked. “I felt ambushed. I felt interrogated,” Lisa said. Her friends pointed out that she could often be too defensive and “wrapped up” as Guerdy said. Lisa responded, “I’m fighting the battle of my life!” She said that to Guerdy. A cancer survivor.

Lisa’s self-involvement and lack of care for Guerdy

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Alexia pointed out who Lisa was targeting. Lisa began shouting, telling them not to “diminish” her battle. As Guerdy told Lisa that she was “insufferable” this season, Andy tried to tell the girls it wasn’t a competition. Lisa got choked up and Guerdy tried to apologize. Lisa defended her battle, saying it wasn’t about finances, it was about her kids.

Nicole pointed out that Lisa was never particularly aware of Guerdy’s circumstances, citing Marysol’s lunch and Guerdy’s sickness in Mexico. Guerdy called Lisa’s behavior “Cringe.” Lisa defended herself by saying she found other people’s belongings while sweeping through the gondola. Oh, Lisa, honey.

Andy then asked about custody. Lisa said they were doing 50/50 and still working on it. The conversation ended with Andy telling Lisa that the group wished her the best in “landing this plane.”

Nicole says Alexia has a “boner” for her

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Moving into the Ana Quincoces of it all, Alexia and Marysol immediately became defensive. Marysol said the move was especially calculated because her mom died on Mother’s Day. She said Adriana knew this, to which Adriana said, “It was not a real Mother’s Day.” Huh? Even Andy lost his cool, telling Adriana to just stop.

Marysol began crying. Adriana said, “Crocodile tears.” Marysol said she was excited for the day and it all turned south. One fan wrote in to say Nicole was not as innocent as she claimed, having seen the way Alexia and Marysol reacted at last year’s reunion to the mention of Ana. So, the fan asked why Nicole thought it would be okay to invite her.

“Ana told me that she had spoken to both Alexia and Marysol over the years,” Nicole began. Alexia and Marysol immediately began trying to speak over Nicole. Andy tried to rein things in again. Ana told Nicole about the fundraiser over the pandemic. This, allegedly, put all the Housewives on speaking terms, so, Nicole thought everything was fine.

However, at last year’s reunion, Nicole essentially admitted that Ana was badmouthing some members of the group. Nicole didn’t repeat what Ana said because she didn’t want to “spread rumors.” Alexia said she’d given Nicole a chance, which Nicole said was absolutely untrue. Nicole then accused Alexia of having a “hard-on” and a “boner” for her. “Smack one out, girlfriend.”

Nicole accuses Marysol of playing it up for the cameras

Alexia then claimed that there was an unaired conversation between her and Ana, wherein Alexia expressed disbelief that Ana let the cast use her. Ana then purportedly said her beef was with Marysol, not Alexia.

Moving on to another fan question, someone wrote in to ask Nicole if Marysol was the member of the group she trusted the least. Nicole confirmed that was true. She went on to accuse Marysol of playing things up for the cameras, saying that the two stayed together after the cameras were done rolling. Nicole even had video evidence. Alexia looked rather shocked.

Nicole expressed disbelief that Marysol would sit in her car – on her lap – and legitimately have a problem with her. Marysol deflected from the real issue, saying she thought it was Lisa’s car.

Adriana stopped things, saying she took “the blame,” and pulled out a rose to ask for Nicole’s forgiveness. Guerdy thought this was patronizing considering the stress that Nicole went through, but Nicole seemed rather forgiving. Adriana also apologized to Alexia. “It was sh*tty. I was shady.” Marysol asked for her apology before deciding she didn’t want it.

Julia refuses to apologize to Lisa

Another fan pointed out that there was another source of drama at the Mamacita luncheon. Did Julia call Lisa a bad mother? Julia said no; she was just trying to call things as she saw them. Lisa felt like there was an implication. Julia said her words were being twisted. On the other hand, Julia felt disparaged as Lisa said that Julia had three baby daddies.

Julia didn’t hear it at the time. It was pointed out to her later via social media, at which point Julia reposted it. Lisa was shocked that Julia would take this approach rather than talking to her personally. Julia said “It’s not about you! … You’re so used to playing a victim that you don’t realize how you’re being a villain!”

Lisa demanded an apology. But Julia wouldn’t give one. She still felt she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Nicole’s relationship with her father and family

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After a short break, Andy asked about the future of Nicole’s relationship. She said a marriage wouldn’t be happening any time soon. For now, she was happy with things as they were. They also discussed the unexpected passing of her father. She was happy to have told him about her coming child before he passed.

In a flashback of this season, Nicole was reminded that she had more siblings than she even knew about. They played a few clips of Nicole’s highlights with her dad from Season 6, which Nicole said felt “weird.” Her friends expressed their condolences and support, with Nicole saying it was all very serendipitous, what with her baby now on the way.

Nicole cried while surrounded by her loving friends. She acknowledged that, for all the show’s ups and downs, it did help her address her issues with her dad head-on. Even as much as she dreaded meeting her dad’s new girlfriend, she turned out to be lovely.

Unfortunately, things did not end well there. Miguel had been paying for his girlfriend’s car and apartment and Nicole wasn’t going to pick up those pieces. Her older siblings claimed Miguel’s remaining assets as he didn’t leave a will or a trust. Nicole said she still had not met her unknown younger siblings.

From there, the conversation moved toward children, with Andy getting in the mix, discussing the relationship he had with his son and daughter. Larsa asked if Andy felt he needed a partner, saying she could picture him with someone from Abu Dhabi. “Or a Cuban!” Marysol said.

A heartfelt moment between Lisa and Julia

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From there, the group dispersed. Nicole approached Julia to express her amused surprise that Julia still wouldn’t apologize to Lisa. Offering some friendly advice, Nicole suggested that Julia apologize for the way she made Lisa feel rather than apologize for her words.

Lisa told Jody that she felt her words were being misconstrued. Later, Julia popped in, tears in her eyes. Julia said she was already emotional when she saw the clip of Lisa on Instagram. The father of her daughter sent her a picture of Max – Julia’s late baby – just days before everything went down on social media. Julia sobbed as she hugged Lisa.

Julia said she knew that Lisa’s comment wasn’t with truly malicious intent. Lisa admitted to being “embarrassed” about what she said. Julia was glad they could have the conversation separate from the group and assured Lisa that she was a great mother. “I’m sorry the way things came out,” Julia finally expressed. They embraced once more.

After coming back from the break, Lisa and Julia assured everyone that they were good.

Guerdy’s fears and battle with breast cancer

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With the cameras rolling again, it was finally time to discuss Guerdy and her battle with breast cancer. Guerdy shared that the journey was hard but worth it. By raising awareness, 300 people went to get checked and discovered they had breast cancer as well. Speaking of awareness, Guerdy pointed out that African American women die 41% more often than women of any other race because they don’t/can’t get checked.

The group watched a recap of Guerdy’s cancer journey, with the Housewife demanding the box of tissues beforehand. She was barely keeping it together by the end of the recap. Regarding Russell’s hand in the journey, Guerdy said, “I have no words. That is pure. That’s Russell.” She said he was “the same person” that she met in high school. He was always “the light” for her.

She discussed the process with her kids as well – how similar they were to her and Russell, and how she assured them she would be okay. “I had to be okay.”

Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t quite over. The girls applauded her for now being in remission, but Guerdy confessed that every mammogram had her frightened to no end. But she also expressed how she was proud to show her scar. “You will never know – until you’re in my position – as far as the emotional trauma of what it does every single second, minute, day.”

Speaking of which, the conversation moved to Larsa’s response to Guerdy’s cancer revelation. Larsa revealed there was a 30-minute argument that went unaired before the revelation came. Guerdy said the argument of “Who’s the fakest?” shouldn’t have mattered once cancer was a topic of discussion. “Like, are you serious?”

Larsa’s story about Guerdy’s diagnosis keeps changing

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Guerdy admitted that she saw Larsa as a different person after that conversation. From there, they played a recap of Larsa breaking Guerdy’s trust by telling everyone about the cancer diagnosis. Andy asked if Larsa felt that she owed Guerdy an apology. “I’ve apologized to her probably 35,000 times.” Oh jeez, Larsa. The group was left silent. Larsa insisted that she “texted” and “called” and said “I’m sorry” repeatedly in the finale.

Guerdy disagreed, saying “The apology never came.” Andy, in justified curiosity, asked about Larsa’s reason for telling the other women. Larsa claimed she wanted to “rally” around Guerdy and “show [her] love.” Guerdy pointed out that Larsa told people whom Guerdy didn’t even know, so that justification didn’t track. “You don’t have the right to tell strangers!”

Larsa then went on to say that she thought Guerdy was restricting the “in confidence” mandate to social media. “You could’ve easily texted me if you had any confusion,” Guerdy said. She further pressed, saying there were “no excuses,” pointing out that she was “going through the worst part of my life … and you f*cking made it harder.”

Larsa defended herself, saying she did not make it harder, to which Guerdy said, “So you’re gonna tell me how I feel?” Guerdy called on Lisa to tell her friend she was wrong. She said she was hurt and Larsa responded with “You hurt me too.” Yikes. Guerdy warned Larsa that doubling down was not going to go well for her.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 reunion concludes on Wednesday, March 6, at 9/8c on Bravo.