RHOM Season 6 Winners and Losers

Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Stephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty Images

Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Miami was filled with plenty of drama. It was an epic season. The ladies weathered serious health issues, divorce meltdowns, and plenty of petty squabbles. Oh, and lots of discussions about sex toys.

But, as with all things in life, there were some winners and some losers. Some of the cast members ended up looking sweet, while others left a sour taste in our mouths. Let’s take a look at the RHOM Season 6 winners and losers.

Guerdy Abraira- winner

Guerdy Abraira inspired viewers when she shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, she told Larsa Pippen in confidence. Naturally, Larsa ignored her request to keep the details private. But don’t count out Guerdy. She still confronted Larsa for revealing her diagnosis to their co-stars on camera.

But Guerdy handled her surgeries, and chemo, with honesty and grace. The scene where her husband, Russell Abraira, tenderly shaved Guerdy’s head was one of the most memorable moments of the season.

Nicole Martin- winner

Nicole Martin decided to host a Mamacita brunch for the ladies. When Adriana de Moura asked to bring RHOM alum Ana Quincoces, Nicole agreed. But she didn’t know that Marysol Patton and Alexia Nepola had a major beef with Ana.

So, Marysol and Alexia stormed out. Even though Adriana let them know that it wasn’t a setup on Nicole’s part, Alexia remained convinced that Nicole was involved.

“I was almost like a pawn in Adriana’s master plan, which doesn’t feel good because I feel like I’ve always been a good friend to Adriana,” Nicole told Hollywood Life. “They were down my throat, yelling, screaming, storming off. I didn’t even have a second to react,” she added of Marysol and Alexia.

Viewers also watched Nicole make peace with her father, Miguel Martin II, after years of estrangement. Sadly, Nicole told The Daily Dish that he passed away “unexpectedly” in 2023. Nicole did tell her father that she was expecting her second child.

Alexia Nepola- loser

While I adore watching Alexia with her son, Frankie Rosello, her behavior the rest of this season was…troubling. Alexia insisted that Nicole was trying to set up Marysol by bringing Ana around.

Adriana explained that Nicole didn’t know about the tension between Ana and other cast members. But it didn’t help. The Cuban Barbie’s mind was made up.

Marysol Patton- loser

Marysol had bad blood with Ana because Ana allegedly made disparaging comments about Marysol. Any good vibes between Nicole and Marysol were ruined. Marysol still can’t trust Nicole after three seasons. But at least Marysol always has her cockie!

Adriana de Moura- loser

Adriana told her bestie, Julia Lemigova, that her friend Ana had some hot tea about Alexia’s alleged financial troubles. So, Adriana felt that Ana should expose the details at the Mamacita Brunch. Nothing screams Mother’s Day like an all-out brawl.

While Adriana did claim responsibility for the fiasco, she didn’t defend Nicole immediately, making Nicole look sus. Although Adriana’s musical journey this season was enjoyable, it wasn’t enough to bump her from the loser list.

Larsa Pippen- loser

Larsa wasn’t a good friend this season. Most of the time, she was with, or thinking about, her man, Marcus Jordan. She gave him a welcome home party after he was only gone for a few days.

After learning of Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis, she almost immediately told their RHOM co-stars. Guerdy knew that Larsa understood her instructions not to disclose the information. But did that stop Larsa? Nope!

Then Larsa came after Alexia. Larsa was furious because the Cuban Barbie commented that everything that they attended for Larsa was tied to a business deal. But during the Season 6 reunion, Alexia shared a wild story. She accused Larsa of telling her to back her up about an argument with Lisa. And if Alexia didn’t? Larsa claimed that she would go to the press about alleged drug use at Alexia’s wedding. Yikes!

Kiki Barth- winner

Kiki Barth has more than earned her mojito. She was involved in a fiery spat with Lisa Hochstein during a gondola ride in Mexico. After Lisa was asked to stop throwing food to dogs on the shoreline, she became upset. Kiki and Lisa bickered, but when Lisa stood up, Kiki told her to sit. There was another fight at dinner, and Kiki told Lisa that her ugly divorce from Dr. Lenny Hochstein was “karma.”

This season, Kiki stood up for herself and had more of a presence. She was also hilarious, and the funniest cast member. That is why Kiki landed on the winners’ side of our list of Season 6 RHOM winners and losers.

Lisa Hochstein- loser

We all know that Lisa was going through a traumatic divorce. But her insistence on making every moment about her and her divorce was taxing for her RHOM co-stars. They felt like listening to Lisa and supporting her constantly for a year was enough. They also felt that she was selfish and didn’t care about her fellow housewives.

Julia Lemigova- winner

Should Julia Lemigova have given Nicole a warning that Adriana was bringing Ana to the Mother’s Day Brunch? Yes. Did she? No.

Julia did embrace stirring the pot this season, which was interesting. But the fact that Julia took vocal lessons and practiced singing opera for her beloved wife, Martina Navratilova, was beautiful.

And she performed in front of a group at the F-ck Cancer party to surprise Martina, who loved opera. It was such a sweet and tender act of love.

Season 6 of RHOM certainly delivered. It will be exciting to see what happens next in the lives of the Miami ladies.