Garrison Brown Put To Rest: What To Know about His Funeral

Garrison Brown

2010 showcased a new series on TLC called Sister Wives, which was about a polygamous family led by its fearless leader, Kody Brown. The patriarch had four wives and 18 children. Viewers watched many of the older children, including Garrison Brown, grow up on the small screen. Garrison was Kody’s seventh child and eventually joined the Nevada National Guard even though he was an Army man at heart. Not only was he in charge of his own clothing line, but he also had a major passion for photography. Sadly, Garrison passed away at the age of 25. 

The Funeral 

Emma Brown/Instagram

The Brown family has been pretty quiet regarding any funeral plans for Garrison, but his cousin Emma Brown revealed details with a post on her Instagram. The funeral was held on March 9, only five days after he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Emma shared a few photos of her cousin with a lengthy statement that read, “Dear Robert, I had to dress up for your funeral today and this is everything i wish you could’ve heard before i had to say goodbye. we love you. i don’t even own a picture of you without your contagious smile. i don’t know if i have the right words to say i’ll miss you.”

The Brown family members continued writing “I wish I was able to give you a hug and tell you how much you were loved. you were human, you had flaws but never once did I doubt the friendship we had. I’ll always cherish the times I got to spend with you. we planned to go on so many backpacking trips but only made it to one. I’ll miss your goofy dad jokes, our coffee runs, the dinners we shared. the times we watched movies and you always let me put messy face masks all over our faces. you always made sure that I had ate, and made sure I knew I could always talk to you. you were a son, a brother, a soldier, and a friend. if there is a god I hope he’s giving you peace. I love you Robert.”

The Details

Leon Brown/Instagram

A source who spoke to The U.S. Sun shared a bit of insight into how the Browns honor a death in the family. The family source noted, “There will definitely be something. I just really hope they all come together and do it well. He was a great kid. He was a super cool, nice, really sweet guy. When I got to know him, and we got to know each other and hung out, we always had fun. He was a great human, and he was really proud of himself and his accomplishments.”

Even though details haven’t been revealed on who attended, almost all of his siblings and their spouses posted about Garrison’s tragic death, and it is assumed they were all in attendance. It is also believed that Meri Brown and Christine Brown were also by Janelle Brown‘s side. Even though Kody had issues with his older children, including Garrison, which were not resolved, it is expected that the father of 18 would also be in attendance. There was no news about Robyn Brown, but I presume that even though she was disliked, she would have shown her respect. 

Garrison’s Tragic Death

Janelle Brown/Instagram

On March 5, Garrison was found dead at his home in Flagstaff, AZ, by his younger brother, Gabriel Brown. His roommates reported hearing a pop sound during the evening but had no reason to check on him. It was also reported that Janelle was concerned for her son after reading an alarming text that was presumably sent out to those who helped run Sister Wives. The text read, “I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can’t. I miss these days.”

The mother of six noted she had texted Garrison, and the two had a short conversation until he stopped responding. When Janelle stopped hearing back, she sent her other son to check on his brother. Sadly, that is when they found Garrison deceased.