Kenya Moore’s Most Memorable Moments on RHOA

Kenya Moore
(Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

“Gone with the Wind, fabulous” Kenya Moore is everything we have ever wanted in a Real Housewives of Atlanta star. The former beauty pageant contestant is able to be the bone carrier effortlessly, all while still spilling the tea on her fellow castmates. Even though she may not be everyone’s cup of iced tea, she sure is a viewer’s dream come true. Since joining the series Kenya has been a fan favorite as she shared her life with viewers.

Kenya has gone through some rough relationships (remember Matt?), gotten married, welcomed a baby girl, and divorced, all while holding onto her peach tightly. She has had some petty moments of provoking the other women. However, it is this personality trait that we, as fans, live for. I wouldn’t want Kenya any other way. 

Kenya Dragged Kim

Kenya Moore/Instagram

Who could forget the time NeNe Leakes tried to host a white party in an effort to make it nice in the ATL. On the guest list was Kim Zolciak, a natural-born pot stirrer and wig afficando. The two didn’t get off to a good start. The Don’t Be Tardy singer immediately told Kenya that everything about her life was terrible, including her hair, husband, and face. Kenya didn’t take the triple threat of insults lying down and she clapped back. “Worry about your life and the daughter that you pimp out for John Legend tickets.

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will recall Kim once joked with Chrissy Teigen about getting free event tickets. Even though NeNe tried her best to have a well-behaved get-together, all hopes of that went right out the door when both Kim and Kenya readied themselves to jump off their respective couches. Needless to say, the white party was not one of Kenya’s finest moments, but it was a fine TV moment. 

Kenya’s Workout Video

Kenya Moore/Instagram

Kenya is not one to miss a moment to shade a fellow cast member and make a buck off it. Phaedra Parks was known for her self-proclaimed “donkey booty,” especially as she would often show it off in a bikini on the cast trip. During Season 5, Kenya extended a hand in helping Phaedra and Apollo Nida make their own exercise video. As the actress does, Kenya changed her mind abruptly when she learned she wouldn’t be compensated for her time. 

It seems money and friends just don’t mix for Kenya, who decided to take her shade one step further and make a competing workout video. In perhaps one of the shadiest moments of Kenya’s Bravo career, she upped the ante by calling her video “Stallion booty.” Not surprisingly, Kenya was not the next Jane Fonda. 

Kenya Takes Over Casting

Kenya Moore/Instagram

One of my all-time personal favorite Kenya moments had to be when Cynthia Bailey invited her best friend to help her judge some up-and-coming models. The ATL socialite treated it as if it were a role call for America’s Next Top Model. However, Kenya took her responsibility a bit too seriously as she proceeded to become a mini tyrant while sitting behind the judge’s table. 

Perhaps the best quote of the entire round table would have to be when she decided to criticize a rookie model who showed up in skin-tight shorts by calling out her “coochie crack” Best believe that model won’t be forgetting Kenya anytime soon; but hopefully, she did take her advice. 

Kenya Loves a Title

Kenya Moore/Instagram

God help the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member who didn’t get Kenya’s Miss USA title perfectly correct. Porsha Williams did the unthinkable when introducing her new friend at a charity event she was hosting. Porsha, the same cast member who didn’t know the underground railroad was not a real train, introduced Kenya by saying that there were “powerful wives and powerful mothers in attendance and Kenya Moore.”

The shade is real! RHOA fans will recall that Kenya was a single lady at the time, but the most offensive part of Porsha’s speech was how she referred to Kenya as “Miss America.” Thankfully, we had Kenya correct the rookie while she was still talking.