Subtle Ways Bravo Is Shading Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard
Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images

Sometimes, strong women are not fully accepted on Bravo. I know it’s a hard statement, but it’s true. Case and point: Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard. From day one, she came across as the alpha female of the Montauk home. Linds made sure everyone knew their place and where she stood with them. While she can be a total pain in the ass, does she deserve all the shade thrown her way?

Lindsay is Always “Activated”

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

During Season 4, Lindsay was told by her co-stars that her “anger” made it difficult to communicate. I am not here for any narrative that tries to paint a strong, single woman as angry. Evidently, neither was Lindsay. As a wise woman once said, “Don’t activate me. You don’t want to see me activated.” But since that one funny scene, Bravo has taken it upon themselves to keep trying to recreate moments that the Hubb House owner could have also been activated. What if she was just annoyed by the barrage of questions or the fact that Carl took her out on a Wednesday night? 

Lindsay has easily been made out to be a bit of the villain by her cast members. Amanda Batula once asked, “Don’t you get tired of putting makeup on two faces each day?” Bravo never failed to compile a list of clips showing Lindsay at her most activated, including Season 1 with Evertt Weston calling his girlfriend “aggressive.” Lindsay is highly defensive and often brushes people and their feelings off, but I don’t know if every time she went nuts it wasn’t for a good cause. 

Lindsay Is Now an Influencer

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

What happened to my Hubb House Public Relations Specialist? When we met Lindsay via Season 1 of Summer House, she was the founder of her own company, but I noticed ever so slyly that Bravo changed her moniker to “influencer” for Season 8. One, this shady move is pretty funny, but it was done, so suddenly, I found myself asking, “Did she change jobs? Is everyone just an influencer now?” Even Lindsay’s Instagram bio no longer has her PR job listed. 

Lindsay hasn’t posted on her PR site for four years, which makes me think she abandoned her PR gig for the opportunities that reality TV brought her. But the way that Bravo went about it felt like Lindsay was purposely being shaded. While I am here for the network being the bone collector, I wasn’t prepared to think of Lindsay as an influencer. Not yet, at least. 

The Summer House Cast Doesn’t Miss Her

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

I mean, who would? Lindsay was downright mean to the entire house last year, especially the girls. But I do think the cameras put a bit more emphasis on just how much she is unliked. The season premiere showed Lindsay and Carl Radke out in DC at the White House with the rest of the cast happily BBQing. The storyline focused on just how much the house was getting along without her. Paige DeSorbo shared she wasn’t afraid to go into the kitchen for food for fear of running into her arch-enemy. The cameras even caught everyone fitting in her bed, which is a huge feat! 

The Break Up

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

Even the clip of Carl and Lindsay ending their engagement felt a bit wonky with Carl being made out to like a victim. Cameras caught Carl saying that he knows Lindsay will twist the story to claim that she was “blindsided” and what happens next, Lindsay on the phone telling her father she was blindsided. While I do love a good edit, I am hoping we get both sides of the story when the time comes. 

So, is Lindsay an obnoxious character at times? Yes. She brings great drama to the series, and if the network pushes too hard, they could end up losing her.