Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade
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How Kyle Richards Finding Comfort with Morgan Wade is Poetic

It’s clear Kyle Richards is finding, friendship, if not love, in a hopeless place after her break-up with Mauricio Umansky. The two announced their marriage was in trouble in July 2023. The news came as a shock to many who always thought this was the Bravo couple to beat. There were times that Mau’s fidelity had been called into question, but the couple always presented a united front. So it came as a surprise when Kyle was spotted out and about with country singer Morgan Wade. The two looked to be more than friends, which left many of us wondering if this was the love Kyle had been looking for. 

Morgan is a Great Support System

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Without a doubt, Morgan has been a great pillar of strength for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. As Kyle embarked on her sober journey, Morgan was there for the ride. As a sober person herself with six years under her belt, I can see why Kyle might have formed a deep connection with her. But I also suspect their relationship is more of a sponsor connection. While Kyle has not stated she ever had a problem with alcohol, having a sponsor for going sober can be very advantageous. By engaging with a sponsor, the person in recovery gains access to support and accountability. 

Morgan has also pushed Kyle to try new things that might otherwise have passed on. The most recent season of RHOBH showed Kyle getting multiple tattoos with Morgan by her side. The mother of four also tattooed her own initials onto the singer. It’s poetic that the two shared that moment since tattoos are just creating beauty from pain, much like Kyle’s marriage ending. It also seems Kyle may have been a good support system for Morgan underwent a double mastectomy after discovering she had the BRCA gene and being diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

The Duo Bonded over Music and Lyrics

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Along with becoming close friends, Kyle is also reportedly producing a documentary on Morgan’s rise to fame via TMZ. Kyle will be acting as executive producer on the project as the documentary is set to tell the story of Morgan’s struggles with her sobriety and music career. Again, the move feels epodic and emotionally charged. Movies are an art form that enables a person to share a peek into what their hearts feel, so I wonder if Kyle will be leaving little Easter eggs for us to search out. 

Not surprisingly, Kyle is also set to appear in the documentary; whether it is a supporting cast member or a leading lady is yet to be seen. The two have traveled the world, including Mexico, Atlanta (to visit the in-laws, I mean Morgan’s parents) and Paris. Movie sets are cozy, so it stands to reason that the two women got even closer, and we all see the way Kyle looks at Morgan as if she is wearing rose-colored glasses. 

Kyle Is Ready for A Fresh Start

Kyle Richards/Instagram

It just feels like Kyle wants to wash away the dirt of her failed marriage and start anew. Honestly, who can blame her? The fallout has been swift with Mau as fans speculate what exactly went wrong. I think the key line to pay attention to is Kyle’s own words during the season finale when she shared “There’s just some things that happened that I can’t recover from.” I believe Mau stepped out first, hence why he was so quiet in the chat with his daughters. He knew he did wrong. They knew he did wrong. And Kyle knew he did wrong. 

There is poetic justice in how Kyle calls the shots for herself. Instead of rueing Mau for partying shirtless in Aspen, she is finding true solace in Morgan. Maybe she thought the country singer would just be a toy to use to make Mau jealous, but the tides turned.