The Biggest Villains in the Love Is Blind Franchise

Love Is Blind villain Bartise Bowden
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Netflix

Like any good reality show, Love Is Blind has its fair share of fan-favorites – and villains. The Netflix dating show is a social experiment where single men and women in any given U.S. city leave their homes for a few weeks and all date each other from inside individual “pods.” The idea is to see if the singles can fall in love based solely on the personality of the other person on the other side of the wall, without ever seeing them IRL.

After a week or so, couples with a connection decide if they’re saying bye forever or getting engaged sight unseen. Then the engaged couples go on a group honeymoon together, and then everyone sees if their love can last in “the real world.” Of course, everyone has dated each other, so this leads to some drama, and not everyone handles the unusual situation appropriately. Here are our picks for the biggest villains from each season of Love Is Blind.

Mark Cuevas, Season 1

Mark Cuevas hit it off with Jessica Batten immediately, but Jessica never seemed into him because she was hung up on [Matt] Barnett. Throughout the season, Jessica seemed like the ultimate season villain, because Mark seemed like he was super ready for marriage and Jessica was ungrateful for this great guy she had while pining for Barnett (even after he got engaged to someone else).

However, Mark is the #1 villain of the season because he portrayed himself as being completely in love with Jessica – but apparently he was cheating on her the whole time with fellow pod member LC Chamblin. After he and Jessica split, he started dating LC, and then apparently cheated on LC as well – during the COVID-19 pandemic, no less. He had us all fooled, and then he did all that. Ultimate villain status.

Shayne Jansen, Season 2

Love Is Blind villain Shayne Jansen
Photo Credit: Netflix © 2022

Shayne Jansen connected with both Shaina Hurley and Natalie Lee in the pods, and ultimately proposed to Natalie. However, he still had some super inappropriate talks with Shaina when he met her – not OK.

Then, he blew up at Natalie the night before their wedding in an explosive argument that had viewers worried for her safety. Fans noticed some erratic behavior on Shayne’s part as well – anyone remember how he was acting on the baseball field? It was giving unstable. Shayne and Natalie didn’t make it down the aisle, and for that, we’re thankful.

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, Season 2

Love Is Blind villain Shake Chatterjee with Deepti Vempati
Photo Credit: Aarón Ortega/Netflix © 2022

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee clearly didn’t respect the concept of the show from the start – but if that was the only requirement to being a villain, almost the whole cast of Love Is Blind Season 6 would be villains.

Shake was too caught up in looks, and didn’t seem interested in his fiancée Deepti Vempati in the slightest, even comparing her to his aunt. At the altar, Deepti opted to “choose herself” and not Shake. Shake then pulled the classic, “well I was going to say no anyway” move, and has since been really leaning into the villain role on social media and his podcast.

Hey bud, whatever works for ya. Hope you enjoyed your House of Villains stint!

Bartise Bowden, Season 3

Love Is Blind villain Bartise Bowden
Photo Credit: Sara Mally/Netflix © 2022

Bartise Bowden had a connection with both Nancy Rodriguez and Raven Ross in the pods, but proposed to Nancy. However, when everyone saw what each other looked like, he called Raven a “smoke show” in front of Nancy. Hmm, it’s almost like something like this happens every season!

Bartise even told Nancy he thought he was a better match for Raven than her final connection Sikiru “SK” Alagbada (who allegedly cheated on Raven, although he claims he didn’t). Disrespectful all around.

Micah Lussier, Season 4

Love Is Blind villains Irina Solomonova and Micah Lussier
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Micah Lussier had a “mean girl” attitude towards her fellow female pod mates from the get-go and seemed to enjoy making fun of them. We hate that energy. She had romantic connections with both Paul Peden and Kwame Appiah, but she seemed to mostly just want the attention and didn’t really care where it came from.

After she and Paul got engaged, she kept flirting with Kwame and seem to want to make him have doubts about choosing to propose to his now-wife, Chelsea Griffin Appiah. Fans were relieved when Paul said no to Micah at the altar. Though, it did slightly tug at the heartstrings.

Stacy Snyder, Season 5

Love Is Blind Season 5 villain Stacy with Izzy
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Stacy Snyder was another Love Is Blind “mean girl,” between edging out Lydia Velez Gonzalez and picking on Johnie Maraist. Also, Stacy judged her partner Izzy Zapata for not being as wealthy as she wanted, which fans thought was super rude

These two made it to the altar but didn’t get married. Stacy recently revealed on Instagram that she is now dating Ryan Ignasiak from Married At First Sight. Maybe they can go all the way!

Jeramey Lutinski, Season 6

Love Is Blind villain Jeramey
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Do we really need to say much more than just this guy’s name? Fine, we’ll elaborate. Jeramey Lutinski connected with both Sarah Ann and Laura Dadisman in the pods on the explosive Love Is Blind Season 6. But then, Jeramey proposed to Laura instead of Sarah Ann. While living with Laura, Jeramey stayed out one night until the wee hours of the morning with Sarah Ann. He lied about his whereabouts, but Laura could tell from his phone’s shared location he was in Sarah Ann’s neighborhood.

Jeramey took no responsibility for any of this, seemed mad at Laura for bringing up, and then took all of Laura’s stuff out of his apartment without telling her, basically deciding they were over. He then literally rode off into the sunset on jet skis with Sarah Ann at the lake. Oh yeah, and it looks like he may have been in engaged to someone else or at least not single when he applied for the show. Jeramey denied this on his Instagram, but who knows at this point.

Love Is Blind Seasons 1-6 are available to stream now on Netflix.